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Q&A: Making ZipZap work for your business (Demo)

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Mobile payments are taking small businesses by storm – and it’s not only Apple Pay and Google Wallet that are facilitating transactions through smartphones. Small businesses and entrepreneurs now have an affordable way to receive payments with nothing but their smartphones, a free app and a card reader. Not only does it create less admin for the already stretched business owner, but their customers get to enjoy the ease of paying securely by card. If you’re thinking of jumping on board the mobile payments bandwagon with ZipZap, here are the answers to those burning questions you might have:

What is ZipZap?

ZipZap is EFTPOS’ mobile payments solution. It works exactly like a traditional point-of-sale (POS) device in that a customer inserts their credit or debit card into a card reader, their data is sent to the merchant bank to be processed, and funds are released from the customer’s bank account into the account of the merchant. The only difference is the seller uses the ZipZap app on their smartphone or tablet – which connects to the card reader via Bluetooth – to input the sale amount, and instead of a paper receipt, an email or SMS receipt is sent directly to the customer.

Is it complicated to use?

Not at all. The app – free to download from your smartphone’s app store – is extremely user friendly, as is the card reader. Fcard reader will come with an instruction manual, and if additional help is required, the ZipZap team are available to help you troubleshoot any problems. 

Why does my business need a mobile point-of-sale (mPOs) device?

An mPOS device, like ZipZap, will open up the possibilities of where a small business owner can transact and do business. Whether you’re a private chef who sometimes works at farmers’ markets, or a hairdresser who makes house calls, an mPOS device will mean that you can get paid as soon as you deliver your services. You’ll no longer have to wait for EFTs to clear, or chase down late payments. An mPOS device will also make life easier for your customers, as they’ll no longer need to make a trip to their nearest ATM to draw cash. You’ll also be able to view your entire transaction history online.

Will my customers’ payments be secure? 

EFTPOS is certified to the highest and most recent level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance – ensuring your customers’ sensitive card data is kept secure at all times. Your customers’ information is also protected in your online transaction history, which adds another layer of security for both your and their peace of mind.

Will it cost me a lot in credit card processing fees?  

At 3%, ZipZap offers competitive credit card processing rates. Not only that, from now until 31st January 2016 we are offering new customers a reduced rate of 2.75% for transactions. If you go on to refer a new customer, you’ll also earn a commission of 0.5% for 12 months, if the monthly turnover for your combined referred leads exceeds R 300, 000.

For detailed information on ZipZap and how it can help grow your business, please download the ZipZap brochure, or contact one of our team through the ZipZap website.

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