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Cash on tap for Beerhouse patrons

Beerhouse, as its name suggest, is a house of beer that stocks Africa’s biggest variety of beers with over 25 taps and 99 bottles on the wall. As a hub for all things beer, they strive to support local micro-breweries and give them a podium to shine. More than just offering food and beer, they also host a range of events that bring in the crowds. With a focus on delivering the best customer experience, Beerhouse installed an ATM in their Cape Town and Fourways branches, making cash accessibility as quick and easy as possible for their patrons.

Here’s what they had to say: “We’re situated in the tourist hub of Long Street in Cape Town and decided to install our ATMs in both our Cape Town and Johannesburg beer houses pretty much as we opened shop. For Beerhouse, it’s about giving our customers easy access to cash. We also believe that there’s been an increase in foot traffic from the ATM signage at street view. And once customers have drawn their cash, they generally spend it with us, so it keeps cash within the business which works really well for us.” – Randolf Jorberg, Beerhouse

Visitors to Vergenoegd Wine Estate cash in on market goodies with easy access to cash

Vergenoegd Wine Estate on the Stellenbosch Wine Route has a timeless appeal, steeped in the comfortable rhythms of daily farm life and home to both indigenous birds and the famous Indian Runner Ducks. Besides their award-winning wines and celebrated duck parade, Vergenoegd offers carefully designed food, wine and entertainment experiences that include artisanal picnics, wine tasting, wine and olive oil blending, kids entertainment, cellar and duck tours, a Saturday market, and a weekly family breakfast run.

Ryan Shell, Hospitality Manager at Vergenoegd Wine Estate says, “We’re a wine farm just outside Stellenbosch with multiple offerings and venues, one of them being a weekly Saturday market that receives close to 2 000 patrons per day in the summer. Since installing our ATM, many of our small business market traders have noticed an increase in turnover and tourists, and market visitors are able to withdraw cash in a safe environment. Having an on-site ATM has also made our entire cash management process much safer and smoother.” – Ryan Shell, Vergenoegd Wine Estate

An Engen forecourt – the go-to place for busy people to access cash

Engen is one of Africa’s leading energy companies with its highly established fuel brands. The company has a presence in over 20 countries, with approximately 1,500 service stations and 600 convenience stores across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Bennie Richardson, one of three active partners who owns and runs Engen Norkem and Engen Foundersview, shares his experience on how their in-store ATMs have increased profits and foot traffic in their business, and how it’s not an option not to have one.



August Fleischman
Caltex Bapsfontein

ATM Solutions had the answer to reduce the frequency of CIT pick-ups. I wanted to minimize our risk on-site and save on cash management fees. The Smart ATMTM does all this and our entire cash management processes have been streamlined. ATM Solutions do a great job in maintaining the ATM, they are punctual and offer the best service and support.

Jerry Masedi
Riverside Filling Station, Limpopo

“The Cash Express Smart ATMTM at my filling station has changed the way cash is handled in my business. I no longer have to keep cash in the safe on-site which has been a headache for so many years – particularly during the busy periods.

The cash generated at the filling station is dropped directly into the ATM and can be withdrawn by my customers immediately. The following day, funds are deposited into my bank account without any hassle. With all risk passing to ATM Solutions once the cash has dropped into the safe, I have complete peace of mind. No more CIT costs and no more sleepless nights.

I highly recommend the Smart ATMTM as a smart cash management system.”

Frans Sello Chauke
Sijo Tavern Mathibestad, Hammanskraa

Since the Smart ATMTM from ATM Solutions was installed, I’ve saved on cash deposit fees, my risk has reduced dramatically and I’m earning more revenue. The saving on my cash deposit fees is around 90% and I no longer need to travel to the bank with large sums of cash to deposit – saving me time and money. The ATM is attracting more people to my store as it’s a safe place for my customers to withdraw their cash. I’ve seen an increase in spend in-store and I’m also benefitting from rebates that I earn on all withdrawals from the ATM. When cash levels in the ATM are too high, collections are done by CIT and if I ever require technical support, ATM Solutions are available and obliging.

Frans Sello Chauke
Sijo Tavern Mathibestad, Hammanskraal

The Smart ATMTM effectively recycles in-store cash – cashiers are able to deposit cash takings, using unique user codes, throughout the day, and that cash is then withdrawn by cardholders. Cash on site is significantly reduced with it being held in the Smart ATMTM where the cash and ATM is insured by ATM Solutions, rather than in tills or a standard smart safe or drop safe. Cash is dispensed to cardholders during the day, reducing the cash on site and the need for CIT visits even further. Importantly, ATM Solutions settles merchants regardless of CIT pick-up, a move away from smart or drop safes, where settlement is on collection.
With fewer CIT visits to site, we’re satisfied that this cash handling solution reduces the risk on site. We have successfully piloted the Smart ATMTM at a number of sites and have found that the quality and performance is exceptional and cost and time saved is substantial.

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Supatrade Testimonial

Scott Rutherford
Supatrade Group

“This is an excellent device that minimizes risk and it also comes with a huge costs savings. The portal makes it easy for all the back office work to be done seamlessly and settlements take place the next day. Our entire Supatrade Group has also seen growth in transactions too.”

Roselt van Eyssen
Zululand Petroleum

“Efficient cash management is a cornerstone of our business and the Cash Express Smart ATMsTM delivers this beyond our expectations. With Cash Express Smart ATMsTM installed at key retail sites across the Zululand Petroleum Group, we are seeing dramatic savings in our cash handling costs and have reduced the risk of having high volumes of cash. More than 80% of the cash that is deposited by cashiers is withdrawn by our customers and the rebates we earn on withdrawals offsets our monthly rental fees.
We replaced our standard drop safe for the state-of-the-art Cash Express Smart ATMTM – which fulfils the role of a drop safe with the added benefit of an ATM, so our customers have the convenience of withdrawing cash in our stores. Our stores and head office receive excellent after sales service and support and I highly recommend the Cash Express Smart ATMTM for your cash handling needs.
With trusted partners like ATM Solutions, we can now focus on our business of delighting our customers.”

Mikaela Meyer
Financial Manager

“The Cash Express Smart ATMTM has transformed our back-office reconciliation and balancing, making our cash management simpler, better and faster. Cashiers can make cash drops out of site with the unique rotational ATM that allows us to make deposits securely. Our cost savings are significant and we have less CIT visibility making customers feel safer. These Cash Express Smart ATMsTM also accept international cards – ensuring that we provide a convenient service to tourists that visit our sites.”

Clynt Lund
Astron Energy Pinetown

“The Cash Express Smart ATMTM has helped our business in numerous facets, it has helped our cash flow as money is in our account the next day as opposed to waiting for a CIT pick up which we only had taking place twice a week. In addition, it has eliminated the risks associated with CIT collection out of our shop. It has reduced our cash banking fees significantly and the added bonus is that our customers now have an additional ATM to withdraw from in case our other two ATMs are offline or are busy. The device is reliable and seldom gives any trouble and when this does happen, the support service is fantastic and the response to any issues is incredibly fast and resolved within hours.”

Chris Van Rensburg
Sasol, King Shaka

“The Smart ATMTM meets all of my expectations as a combined drop safe and ATM. It’s fast, safe, and accurate with online portal reconciliation. It offers massive savings compared to the conventional CIT collections via a drop safe contract.”