Vending solutions

Sell vouchers to your customers with our physical or online vending devices

Physical vending devices

Our range of physical mobile vending devices include the Timpa, Timpa Touch and Mobi Print 2, all of which allow you to download and sell airtime and other vouchers to your customers in areas with no GPRS connectivity. Our devices come with a touchscreen, keyboard, battery and printer so that you can print vouchers for your customers wherever you are.

Online vending

If you don’t want to use a physical vending device, you can still sell prepaid products via our web store or mobile app. Our web store lets you batch vend for multiple devices, which makes it an ideal solution if you have many devices in the field. To start selling, simply register as a vendor online, deposit money into your account and you’re ready to go. Or, download our Kazang mobile app from the Google Play Store to access all this functionality from your phone.