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Cash Express Smart ATMs

Reduce risk and save money with a Cash Express Smart ATM, a drop safe and ATM in a single device! This clever solution makes cash processing simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient for retailers.

Give your business a secure cash management solution designed to effectively recycle cash and save on deposit fees. Our drop safe and ATM in one allows retailers to deposit cash takings into the Smart ATM, with risk passing to ATM Solutions as soon as cash drops into the smart safe. Cash is then available for customers to withdraw and spend in-store.

Keep your business thriving with our Cash Express Smart ATM, a cash management solution that keeps you and your money safe.

Secure cash management
Secure Cash Management

Intelligent cash handling at its best!

The Cash Express Smart ATM from ATM Solutions:

  • Automates cash sorting and validation using unique user codes.
  • Features easy-to-use technology with cashier training and technical support.
  • Tracks cash drops, ATM withdrawals and settlements using the real-time online portal.

Reduce risk with less cash on-site and fewer CIT visits. Save on existing cash handling fees, smart safe rental and CIT costs with the all-new Smart ATM and drop safe in one. This two-in-one device sorts and validates cash that is dropped before becoming available for customers to withdraw. Just like any drop safe, cash is processed and settled daily, without the need for cash-in-transit collection.

Risk immediately transfers to ATM Solutions after cash drops into the secure smart safe.

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Drop safe and ATM in one
Drop Safe and ATM In One

Retail businesses play a vital role in the re-building and growth of our economy, and it’s our role to support you.

Committed to enabling retail merchants like you, we provide financial technology solutions that connect businesses to opportunities that will grow and maximise your business potential.

Take your business to the next level with the easy, effective, and intelligent cash handling that comes standard with the Smart ATM. It’s an ATM and drop safe in one!

Unlimited cash drops can be made in mixed bundles, Cash is placed into the cash slot which closes immediately after it’s inserted and cash is sorted, counted and validated for fitness before dropping into the smart safe.

Cash is then available to be withdrawn by customers, which increases spend in-store and keeps cash levels on site lower.

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cash express smart ATM
Cash Express ATM


At ATM Solutions, we strive to support independent retailers to grow their businesses and connect with their customers. Cash Express ATMs attract customers looking for a secure and convenient way to access their cash and with increased foot traffic, we see increased in-store spend. Retailers deposit cash takings into the Smart ATM which is then recycled and withdrawn by customers – saving on cash deposit fees and earning rebates on successful withdrawals.


Under-serviced communities benefit from Cash Express ATMs placed closer to where they live, work and shop – particularly SASSA grant recipients who are looking to access their cash quickly and safely. Smart ATMs provide informal retailers with a safer way to deposit cash – no more driving to bank branches with large sums of money to deposit.

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Money withdrawn from a Smart ATM
Reduce Risk, Save AND Earn


  • Save up to R10 000 on cash deposit fees, smart safe rental and CIT costs.
  • Earn rebates on successful cardholder withdrawals.
  • Daily settlement on all cash deposited regardless of CIT collection or if cash is dispensed.


  • Reduce your risk with less cash on-site as deposited cash is withdrawn by your customers.
  • Fewer CIT visits decreases your on-site risk, giving you and your customers peace of mind.
  • Risk passes to ATM Solutions once cash drops into the safe.

Apply here to reduce your cash handling risk and earn rebates on withdrawals


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August Fleischman
Caltex Bapsfontein

ATM Solutions had the answer to reduce the frequency of CIT pick-ups. I wanted to minimize our risk on-site and save on cash management fees. The Smart ATM does all this and our entire cash management processes have been streamlined. ATM Solutions do a great job in maintaining the ATM, they are punctual and offer the best service and support.

Jerry Masedi
Riverside Filling Station, Limpopo

“The Cash Express Smart ATM at my filling station has changed the way cash is handled in my business. I no longer have to keep cash in the safe on-site which has been a headache for so many years – particularly during the busy periods.

The cash generated at the filling station is dropped directly into the ATM and can be withdrawn by my customers immediately. The following day, funds are deposited into my bank account without any hassle. With all risk passing to ATM Solutions once the cash has dropped into the safe, I have complete peace of mind. No more CIT costs and no more sleepless nights.

I highly recommend the Smart ATM as a smart cash management system.”

Frans Sello Chauke
Sijo Tavern Mathibestad, Hammanskraa

Since the Smart ATM from ATM Solutions was installed, I’ve saved on cash deposit fees, my risk has reduced dramatically and I’m earning more revenue. The saving on my cash deposit fees is around 90% and I no longer need to travel to the bank with large sums of cash to deposit – saving me time and money. The ATM is attracting more people to my store as it’s a safe place for my customers to withdraw their cash. I’ve seen an increase in spend in-store and I’m also benefitting from rebates that I earn on all withdrawals from the ATM. When cash levels in the ATM are too high, collections are done by CIT and if I ever require technical support, ATM Solutions are available and obliging.


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