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We offer the lowest monthly rental, cash deposit & CIT fees

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Deposited cash is settled straight from the Smart ATM into your bank account daily

Draw in more customers and increase in-store spending

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Save up to R10 000 per month, and offset cash deposit fees by earning rebates on cash withdrawals

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Reduce risk with lower cash levels on-site and less CIT visibility

We offer the lowest monthly rental, cash deposit & CIT fees
Deposited cash is settled straight from the Smart ATMTM into your bank account daily
Draw in more customers and increase in-store spending
Save up to R10 000 per month, and offset cash deposit fees by earning rebates on cash withdrawals
Reduce risk with lower cash levels on-site and less CIT visibility


Reduce risk and save money with a Cash Express Smart ATMTM, a drop safe and ATM in a single device! This clever solution makes cash processing simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient for retailers.

Give your business a secure cash management solution designed to effectively recycle cash and save on deposit fees. Our drop safe and ATM in one allows retailers to deposit cash takings into the Smart ATMTM, with risk passing to ATM Solutions as soon as cash drops into the smart safe. Cash is then available for customers to withdraw and spend in-store.

Secure Cash Management

Intelligent cash handling at its best!

The Cash Express Smart ATMTM from ATM Solutions:

  • Automates cash sorting and validation using unique user codes.
  • Features easy-to-use technology with cashier training and technical support.
  • Tracks cash drops, ATM withdrawals and settlements using the real-time online portal.

Reduce risk with less cash on-site and fewer CIT visits. Save on existing cash handling fees, smart safe rental and CIT costs with the all-new Smart ATMTM and drop safe in one. This two-in-one device sorts and validates cash that is dropped before becoming available for customers to withdraw. Just like any drop safe, cash is processed and settled daily, without the need for cash-in-transit collection.

Risk immediately transfers to ATM Solutions after cash drops into the secure smart safe.

Apply here to reduce your cash handling risk.


At ATM Solutions, we strive to support independent retailers to grow their businesses and connect with their customers. Cash Express ATMs attract customers looking for a secure and convenient way to access their cash and with increased foot traffic, we see increased in-store spend. Retailers deposit cash takings into the Smart ATMTM which is then recycled and withdrawn by customers – saving on cash deposit fees and earning rebates on successful withdrawals.


Under-serviced communities benefit from Cash Express ATMs placed closer to where they live, work and shop – particularly SASSA grant recipients who are looking to access their cash quickly and safely. Smart ATMsTM provide informal retailers with a safer way to deposit cash – no more driving to bank branches with large sums of money to deposit.

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Reduce Risk, Save and EarnSAVE AND EARN

  • Save up to R10 000 on cash deposit fees, smart safe rental and CIT costs.
  • Earn rebates on successful cardholder withdrawals.
  • Daily settlement on all cash deposited regardless of CIT collection or if cash is dispensed.


  • Reduce your risk with less cash on-site as deposited cash is withdrawn by your customers.
  • Fewer CIT visits decreases your on-site risk, giving you and your customers peace of mind.
  • Risk passes to ATM Solutions once cash drops into the safe.

Apply here to reduce your cash handling risk and earn rebates on withdrawals

Cash Recycling Recycle your in-store cash when you deposit into our Cash Express Smart ATM. Cash is verified, sorted and counted before dropping into the smart safe and then is withdrawn by customers. Customers spend more in-store and cash can be recycled again using the Smart ATMTM.

Cash recycling reduces the presence of CIT vehicles and lowers the level of cash on-site as risk passes to ATM Solutions once it drops into the smart safe.

Streamline your cash management and connect more with your customers by attracting them with an ATMTM.

Cash recycling saves you up to R10 000 per month with lower safe rental and cash deposit fees, competitive CIT fees and no hidden costs. What’s more, you earn rebates on all successful withdrawals. Cash Express Smart ATMsTM are packed with technology to automate cash processing, saving you time and money.

Apply today for a Cash Express recycler.


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Here’s what our clients have to say

Scott Rutherford
Supatrade Group

“This is an excellent device that minimizes risk and it also comes with a huge costs savings. The portal makes it easy for all the back office work to be done seamlessly and settlements take place the next day. Our entire Supatrade Group has also seen growth in transactions too.”

Roselt van Eyssen
Zululand Petroleum

“Efficient cash management is a cornerstone of our business and the Cash Express Smart ATMsTM delivers this beyond our expectations. With Cash Express Smart ATMsTM installed at key retail sites across the Zululand Petroleum Group, we are seeing dramatic savings in our cash handling costs and have reduced the risk of having high volumes of cash. More than 80% of the cash that is deposited by cashiers is withdrawn by our customers and the rebates we earn on withdrawals offsets our monthly rental fees.
We replaced our standard drop safe for the state-of-the-art Cash Express Smart ATMTM – which fulfils the role of a drop safe with the added benefit of an ATM, so our customers have the convenience of withdrawing cash in our stores. Our stores and head office receive excellent after sales service and support and I highly recommend the Cash Express Smart ATMTM for your cash handling needs.
With trusted partners like ATM Solutions, we can now focus on our business of delighting our customers.”

Mikaela Meyer
Financial Manager

“The Cash Express Smart ATMTM has transformed our back-office reconciliation and balancing, making our cash management simpler, better and faster. Cashiers can make cash drops out of site with the unique rotational ATM that allows us to make deposits securely. Our cost savings are significant and we have less CIT visibility making customers feel safer. These Cash Express Smart ATMsTM also accept international cards – ensuring that we provide a convenient service to tourists that visit our sites.”

Clynt Lund
Astron Energy Pinetown

“The Cash Express Smart ATMTM has helped our business in numerous facets, it has helped our cash flow as money is in our account the next day as opposed to waiting for a CIT pick up which we only had taking place twice a week. In addition, it has eliminated the risks associated with CIT collection out of our shop. It has reduced our cash banking fees significantly and the added bonus is that our customers now have an additional ATM to withdraw from in case our other two ATMs are offline or are busy. The device is reliable and seldom gives any trouble and when this does happen, the support service is fantastic and the response to any issues is incredibly fast and resolved within hours.”

Chris Van Rensburg
Sasol, King Shaka

“The Smart ATMTM meets all of my expectations as a combined drop safe and ATM. It’s fast, safe, and accurate with online portal reconciliation. It offers massive savings compared to the conventional CIT collections via a drop safe contract.”

Capital Express

Need Business Funding?
Say hello to Capital Express

Capital Express is a unique, transparent, and flexible Cash Advance solution that can put money in your account within 24 hours. This funding is unrestricted so you can use it however your business needs it.

The best part? You get to select your payment terms based on how often you deposit cash into your Smart ATMTM. Giving you a flexible, transparent payment plan that reduces day to day cash flow pressures and allows you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.


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