Our products and services

We design, implement and manage prepaid programmes for corporates, banks, telecommunication companies, retailers and more. These include proprietary branded prepaid cards, MasterCard/Visa prepaid cards, and mobile companion cards. Each of these programmes can be specifically tailored to the unique needs your business has – whether you want to empower your customers with a prepaid debit card, or give them an easy and safe way to spend money with your business.

Proprietary branded prepaid cards


Build your customer loyalty

Want to increase your brand’s value in the eyes of customers? We’ll help you do it through branded prepaid gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards or branded payment cards…

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MasterCard/Visa prepaid cards


Co-brand with MasterCard and Visa to add even more value

Make your customer’s life easier with a branded prepaid debit or credit card that can be used at any MasterCard or Visa merchant…

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Mobile companion cards


A card linked to a mobile wallet or store of value

We powered both MasterCard and Visa’s first global mobile companion card and have become specialists over the years…

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