About Tutuka

Who we are

Specialists in building and running prepaid card systems

With more than 16 years of experience, we’re specialists in building, implementing and managing prepaid card systems. We know emerging markets like no one else, and each month we process millions of dollars of transactions for over 400 prepaid card programmes in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Thailand and the Philippines.


What we do

At Tutuka, we implement and manage prepaid card programmes, and you earn from them - it’s as simple as that. Partnering with banks, retailers, telecommunication companies and everyone in between, we’re one of the largest suppliers of prepaid card programmes in emerging markets. At the same time, we’re increasing our reach in developing markets beyond South Africa.

Want to build your brand? We’ll help you do it with over 400 programmes including proprietary branded prepaid cards, mobile companion cards, and MasterCard/Visa prepaid cards.


Our products and services

We design, implement and manage prepaid programmes for corporates, banks, telecommunication companies, retailers and more. These include proprietary...

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Our journey

From just one person and one online voucher system in 1998, we’ve grown to become one of the...

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Our people

Tutuka’s executive committee brings together a wealth of business expertise and qualifications.

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Customer support

At Tutuka, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best card technology and service. We back...

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Global presence

Paycorp is an end-to-end payment solutions provider with best-in-class capabilities across all businesses. We use a centralised, secure...

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At Paycorp, doing good is as much a part of our lives as being successful. Because of this...

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