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We own and operate ATMs around the world enabling us to sell, deploy and operate them close to where people live, work and shop.
Paycorp is a trusted 3rd party processor with more than 6 000 ATMs, 13 banking partners and connections to Visa and Mastercard.

For Retail

Are you a retailer who wants to maximise foot traffic and boost revenue?

With an ATM deployed by ATM Solutions you earn more. Sales increase as a result of attracting more people to your store and with cash, your customers will spend more. You earn fees on all transactions, adding an additional revenue stream to your business.

By cashing the ATM yourself you save on cash deposit fees, cycling cash between your till and ATM. We’ll install ATMs in the right place and will place signage to attract more customers. You can cash your ATM yourself or we can do it for you using one of our cash-in-transit (CIT) partners, managing levels for you and work out a cash collection plan.

ATM Solutions provides turnkey solutions supporting the full value chain from ATM placement to cash management, transaction processing, technical maintenance and customer support. We place ATMs at locations ranging from small to medium businesses and forecourts to restaurants and even large retail chains.

We offer a variety of ATM solutions, finding the perfect fit for your business.


ATM security solutions to keep your customers and your cash safe

At ATM Solutions, your security and the security of cardholders is our top priority. Our experienced security and risk assessment team analyse your business, its location and the demographics of your customer base in order to recommend the best ATM security system for your needs.
Whether you want a kiosk with automated roller shutter doors, , dye-stain solutions or a rear loading ATM, we are confident that our state-of-the-art ATM security systems will provide safe transacting for your customers and security of your cash. All of our ATMs are fitted with dip card readers, meaning that customer’s cards are never “swallowed” and are visible throughout a transaction.

Self-cashed or fully serviced ATMs

Choose the option that best suits your business’s needs

When an ATM is installed, you can choose to cash it yourself or opt for us to cash it for you – both options have their advantages.

Self-cashing your ATM lets you recycle the cash in your store safely and conveniently- saving on cash deposit fees. You eliminate the risk of holding large amounts of cash in your tills, as well as regular risky trips to the bank to deposit your funds.

Alternately, we can provide an ATM cash loading service with one of our Cash-in-Transit (CIT) providers- meaning that you don’t have to stock the ATM with money yourself or reconcile it.

Solar powered ATMs

Reliable access to cash

We know access to ATM facilities in rural areas is limited. We install solar-powered and battery back-up ATMs that operate during power outages.

ATM signage and branding

We’ll take care of your branding

Signage and branding are vital for driving customers into your store to use your ATM. You can have a Cash Express ATM which isn’t affiliated with a specific bank or you can choose to partner with a one of the eight leading Southern African banks, or many others in Eastern Europe and the UK. Depending on your customer demographics you can brand your ATM accordingly.

ATM Solutions covers all costs related to ATM signage, branding and marketing. Depending on the installation type, the bank you choose and the needs of your business, we advise on the best signage solution for your ATM.

Banking partners

Your brand. Our ATMs.

We extend your bank’s brand with convenient points of presence for cardholders as well as an ATM cash loading service. Partner with Paycorp for a managed ATM service both on and off bank premise, taking care of your ATM channel.

We provide turnkey solutions, supporting the full value chain from ATM placement to cash management, transaction processing, technical maintenance and customer support.

We are trusted by the below banks to manage ATMs across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, UK and Ireland.

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