Our products and services

Let’s say you own a small spaza shop in a township. Or, you’re the landlord of a shopping centre. Whoever you are, we can install an ATM in just about any location. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right type of ATM product for your business, whether it’s inside your store or a free-standing one nearby.

All our end-to-end ATM services are fitted with state-of-the-art security features. They all offer cash withdrawals, as well as other prepaid services such as airtime and electricity. Best of all, we help you choose from eight banks with which to brand your ATM, depending on your customer demographic.

Free standing ATMs

Keep your customers safe while you
save on space

Our free standing ATMs are the best in-store ATM option for small premises, as they take up minimal floor space...

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Through-the-wall ATMs


Inside or outside facing ATMs
to suit your needs

Our through-the-wall ATMs can be inside or outside facing, so the safe door opens either to the front or back of the ATM...

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Kiosk ATMs


Highly secure, ATM kiosks that
attract foot traffic

Our kiosk ATMs are stand-alone structures that house ATMs within them, giving your customer complete privacy...

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An ATM security solution that keeps your customers and your cash safe

At ATM Solutions, your security and the security of cardholders is our priority. That’s why our experienced security and risk assessment team analyse your business, location and demographics of your customer base in order to recommend the best ATM security systems for your needs.

Our state-of-the-art ATM security systems have been developed over years. Whether you want a kiosk with automated roller shutter doors, a CCTV camera on-site, dye-stain solution or a rear loading ATM, we’ll provide a system that keeps you, your customers and your cash safe. All our ATMs are fitted with dip card readers, so your customers will never have their card swallowed - even during power failures.


Self-cashed or fully serviced ATMs

Choose the option that suits your needs

When we install your ATM, you can choose to cash it yourself or let us cash it for you - both options have their advantages.

Self-cashing your ATM lets you recycle the cash in your store safely and conveniently – and you save on cash deposit fees. You eliminate the risk of holding large amounts of cash in your tills, as well as regular risky trips to the bank to deposit your funds.

Alternatively, we can provide an ATM cash loading service with one of our Cash-in-Transit (CIT) providers. This means you won’t have to worry about having to stock the ATM with money yourself, or reconcile it at the end of the day.

Solar powered ATMs

Giving your customers reliable access to cash

We know that some of our rural ATMs are often the only banking facility in the area, so we want our customers to know they can always rely on us.

With this in mind, we’re proud to be the first company in South Africa to install solar-powered ATMs that can still operate during power outages. These solar ATMs use inverters to store power from the sun’s rays in batteries that can function for up to 10 days without electricity. We’ve already installed 200 of these ATMs and plan to install a further 200 in 2015. At the same time, we’re rolling out 500 ATMs with back up batteries, which can last another 6-8 hours after the power goes out.

ATM signage and branding

We’ll take care of your branding

Signage and branding is vital if you want to drive customers into your store to use your ATM. We represent eight leading Southern African banks, which means you can brand your ATM accordingly, depending on your customer demographics.

We’ll cover all costs related to ATM signage, branding and marketing it to your customers. Depending on the installation type, the bank brand you want and the needs of your business, we’ll advise on the best signage design for your ATM.