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Unlocking a Crypto Christmas: CryptoExpress Makes Converting Your Digital Wealth a Breeze

Unlocking a Crypto Christmas: CryptoExpress Makes Converting Your Digital Wealth a Breeze

Johannesburg – 5 December 2023 – As the holiday season approaches, many South Africans are gearing up for festive celebrations, and with that comes the need for a little extra cash to make the festivities merrier. For those who hold cryptocurrency, this year brings good news with the arrival of CryptoExpress – a revolutionary app, powered by Paycorp, that simplifies the conversion of digital assets into cold, hard cash.

Gone are the days of enduring lengthy processes to sell your crypto. With CryptoExpress, the conversion is simplified, streamlined, faster, and secure. No more navigating through exchanges, creating accounts, and waiting for funds to become available. The app, available for Apple and Android, ensures a quick, easy, and safe withdrawal experience, and with the value of Bitcoin on a steady upward trajectory for the past few months, the timing to easily access your crypto couldn’t be better.

Meet Sihle, a 30-year-old graphic designer from Johannesburg, who decided to cash in some of her Bitcoin to free up some cash for Christmas shopping. She shares her experience, “I’ve always been interested in cryptocurrency, and over the years, I’ve accumulated some Bitcoin. With the festive season around the corner, I wanted to access some extra funds without the hassle of taking a loan from the bank, or borrowing from friends or family. Using CryptoExpress gave me easy access to my cash.”

The process is straightforward: convert your cryptocurrency through the CryptoExpress app, authorise the transaction in your crypto wallet, and receive a withdrawal voucher PIN generated by the app. To access your cash in rands, simply use your mobile number and the withdrawal PIN at one of 3,000 Cash Express ATMs nationally.

The entire process is safeguarded by secure encryption and robust multi-level security measures, ensuring the safety of your crypto and cash. Cashouts are currently available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and Tether, all in rand denomination.

Sihle’s story is not unique. Research by Triple-A, a crypto payments business, reveals interesting insights into the world of cryptocurrency ownership in South Africa. It shows that 77% of cryptocurrency owners in the country have an annual income of R450,000 or less, indicating that cryptocurrencies are primarily owned by low to middle-income South Africans.

Moreover, a significant 83% of South African cryptocurrency owners fall into the 18-44 age group, suggesting that South African millennials predominantly own cryptocurrencies and see the digital assets as both an investment opportunity and a viable alternative to traditional currencies.

With more than 46% of crypto owners having over R10,000 in cryptocurrency and 12% having more than R100,000, it’s evident that people are increasingly seeing cryptocurrency as a safe asset and an alternative to national currencies.

Over half (52%) of South African cryptocurrency owners are already using cryptocurrency for purchases, indicating a shift towards mainstream adoption.

The survey also revealed an eagerness for cryptocurrency payment services across the retail industry. Respondents showed interest in all major categories, from entertainment and E-commerce to luxury retail.

However, there are still hurdles to overcome; an increase in cryptocurrency payment options across merchants could have a network effect, as 23.9% of respondents cited not owning cryptocurrency because the shops they frequent do not accept it.

As the holiday season approaches, crypto owners can now unlock their digital wealth with easier access to their cryptocurrency.

The CryptoExpress app is available for free download on both iOS and Android app stores, making it accessible to a wide audience eager to experience a hassle-free crypto-to-cash conversion.

Learn more about CryptoExpress and converting your crypto to cash, on cryptoexpress.co.za