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Revolutionary new cash handling solution – Cash Express Smart ATM

Money from Cash Express ATM displayedEasy, effective, and intelligent cash handling comes standard with the all-new Smart ATMTM from ATM Solutions. This two-in-one device sorts and validates cash that is dropped before becoming available for customers to withdraw. Just like any drop safe, cash is processed and settled daily, without the need for cash-in-transit collection.

A drop safe and ATM in a single device, this clever solution makes cash processing simpler, quicker, and more cost-efficient for retailers. The Smart ATMTM effectively recycles in-store cash with cashiers able to deposit cash takings using unique user codes, throughout the day. Cash is then dispensed to cardholders, ultimately reducing risk with lower levels of cash on-site. Fewer CIT visits to collect cash from a drop safe or replenish cash in an ATM are required – further reducing the risks associated with CIT presence.

Multiple cashiers can make unlimited cash drops, and with frequent low-value deposits, cash is kept out of tills. As soon as the cash drops into the Smart ATMTM safe, all risk passes to ATM Solutions, and cash settlement deposited is made the following day.

The benefits of a Smart ATMTM don’t stop there – retailers save on cash deposit fees, safe rental, and all CIT-related costs. Retailers also see increased revenue with an ATM attracting higher foot traffic and higher spending in-store.

The handy online portal provides real-time visibility of all cash drops by the user, cash settlements deposited, and withdrawals. Easily exportable to Excel, this data is key to efficient cash management and processing.
ATM Solutions owns and operates over 5 000 ATMs across South Africa and provides excellent customer support through a call center, an experienced team of technicians, and a dedicated relationship executive.

The Smart ATMTM is already installed at petroleums and retailers countrywide.

“ATM Solutions had the answer to reduce the frequency of CIT pick-ups. I wanted to minimize our risk on-site and save on cash management fees. The Smart ATMTM does all this and our entire cash management processes have been streamlined. ATM Solutions do a great job in maintaining the ATM, they are punctual and offer the best service and support.”
August Fleischman: Caltex Bapsfontein

“The Smart ATMTM has improved my business and I can focus on the business of providing goods and services to my customers. I highly recommend the Smart ATMTM as a means to drop cash safely and earn more – wholesalers, retailers, and taverns around the country should install a Smart ATMTM.”
Frans Sello Chauke, Sijo Tavern

Watch more about the Smart ATMTM here or mail marketing@atmsolutions.co.za