5 common personality types for entrepreneurs – How your character traits can affect your business

business growth tipsYour business personality type can shape the culture of your company. Your character traits can either complement the nature of your business, or work against it. However, it’s not a train smash. With our tips, we hope to improve those rough edges to ensure they’re smooth enough to help you thrive in the entrepreneurial world!

Here are 5 common personality types for entrepreneurs. Which one are you?

The visionary – You have strong visionary leadership. You see beyond the horizon and you are a strategic planner. Your understanding and planning often enable you to avoid business landmines.

Alert – Vision without action is a daydream. At times you can be too focused on the vision and not spending enough time on implementation.

The fireball –  It can’t be all work and no play with you.  You’re a bundle of optimism and energy and encourage staff to do their work with enthusiasm that matches yours. You’re spontaneous and use a playful manner to approach your customers.

Alert – Your relaxed approach can cost you. Balance your impulsive nature with foresight and strategic planning.


The analyst – Even a thief in the night couldn’t steal a cent under your watch. You are alert and a practical problem-solver. You apply a systematic approach in all areas of your business.

Alert – Beware of analysis paralysis and over-analysing a situation to a point where you don’t take a decision.  You don’t trust anyone to pay close attention to detail the way you do.


The healer – You are objective and have inner calm. You always find the easiest way to resolve conflict and restore harmony in the swiftest way possible. You focus on team-building and strive for a happy environment.

Alert – Your caring and healing nature  may be mistaken for a lack of urgency or wishful thinking.


The advisor – You are customer focused and contributing positively to their buying decision gives you a buzz. You are a great team player with patience. You are able to handle complaints and difficult situations with expertise.

Alert –  Advisors need advice too, learn to take criticism with grace. You may appear to be forceful to your customers at times.


Each of these entrepreneur personalities can succeed in their fields. Stay hungry for knowledge, stay true to who you are and understand your strengths and weaknesses as they could serve as a strong compass for your business!


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