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Small businesses make a difference too – How your business can impact your community

Small business growthBuilding a business may be for profit, but improving lives in the process with the service you offer fulfills an ultimate purpose.

Small businesses can play an important in uplifting local communities. They are the main driver of an inclusive economy South Africa. Are you doing your share?

Here are some ways in which small businesses can positively impact a community.

Inspiring entrepreneurship – Successful small business initiatives can fuel the spirit of other aspiring entrepreneurs and encourage development in local communities. Most small business owners are knowledgeable in their respective industries and are willing to share their wisdom.

Culture preservation – Every community has its own unique identity. From the coffee shop around the corner to Lucy’s all-you-need spaza shop, and Danny’s dog grooming parlour. All the small businesses that exist in your community contribute to its personality. This can make for a great tourist attraction, create buzz and further contribute to other flourishing businesses!

Job creation – Small businesses create jobs for local people, enabling more people to work closer to home encouraging financial stability in households. These opportunities can help create a strong community network.

Event sponsorship or donations – There is always an opportunity to do good and bring about change in your community. Giving back & contributing to a good cause shows that you are socially responsible such as simply donating food to the less fortunate. This can plas a significant role in how your community perceives your business and can further strengthen the relationship between both parties.

Improving efficiency – We all seek the easiest and quickest way to accomplish our goals. Small businesses make it easier for the community to have access to the daily essentials, closer to where they live, work and shop. Install an ATM in your store for last minute cash withdrawals and provide the ability to make payments by card with ZipZap mPOS or EFTPOS. This doesn’t only benefit your community but your business too!