Be your own success story – How to grow your small business

Plan – Conceptualize a sales funnel for your business – Free shipping & consumer benefits can encourage sales. Consumers always want to know what’s in it for them and they love a good deal! Place emphasis on information at all times when promoting your services


  • Research the competition – Keep track of your competition’s activities. It will give you a good idea of their strategy. It will keep you in the “know” with current trends that your competition may be catering to and that your audience could also respond to. If it’s working for them, there’s a good chance it will for you too!


  • Identify new opportunities – Contrary to popular business beliefs, market research and understanding demographics doesn’t only apply to big business, it applies to small businesses too. Think of demographics as the crucial tool to help you categorise your consumers to better serve their needs. It will help you target and deliver to those that are most likely to buy what you’re selling.


  • Provide easy payment options – What a customer wants, a customer should get. Provide convenient payment options for your customers at every turn. Use ZipZap mPOS or EFTPOS to accept card payments anywhere you do business and never miss a sale because you only accept cash!


  • Customer service & loyalty – Satisfaction is a rating, but loyalty is a brand. Offer exceptional customer service and you’ll retain your customers, thus forming customer loyalty base. This will generate positive WOM (word of mouth), and more people will know about you.


  • Use social media – According to HelloYes marketing, 31 out of 57 million South Africans are using the internet. Social media is a great way to create brand awareness, encourage conversations focused on your business, reach more potential customers and provide product value assurance.


  • Measure what works – Even in business, growth is a process of trial and error. Do your research, experiment and measure what works. In turn, this will help you refine your approach as you go, so you can focus on activities that achieve the best results.


  •  Attend networking events – Who you know is very important in business. Build relationships with other people, extend your network and field of opportunity. This way you connect with potential employees, more customers or even investors.


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