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Getting the most out of your ATM Solutions installation

a-man-installing-an-atm-machine-atm-solutionsSo you’ve heard about all the benefits of having an ATM in or near your business, you’ve read all our informative blogs, perused our product guides, and are now certain that you would like to have an ATM installed in your store. Time to sit back and reap the rewards, right? Not quite. While having an ATM Solutions installation will drive more foot traffic to your business and boost your revenue, there are a few things to consider in order to help the process along.

Here are a few factors to take into account to boost the competitive advantage that an ATM lends to your business.

Floor space

No one understands the importance of floor space better than a retail store owner because it can influence a number of things. Like the ease with which traffic flows around the store, the appeal of certain products based on where they’re placed, and the general aesthetic and feel of the store. This is why your floor space and store layout cannot be overlooked when acquiring an ATM.

For example, if space is limited, a free-standing ATM would work best because it takes up very little space and requires no drastic renovations or building work in your store. If space is extremely tight, a kiosk ATM installation, located outside the store but still on site, would work best. Another factor to consider is the space around the ATM itself. It’s important to keep shelves and fridges away from the ATM so that your customers can have complete privacy when transacting.

Business hours

The times that your store opens and closes are also crucial to the kind of ATM that best suits you, and the returns you get from it. Depending on the area your business is in, you might want to limit access to the ATM to business hours only. Or you might want your customers to have access to it even after business hours.

A free-standing installation stays inside the store, which makes it the best option for owners who would prefer not to have it in use when the store is closed. Through-the-wall installations can either face inside or outside your store. Additionally, they can be locked up with manual or automatic roller doors. The same is true for kiosk ATMs, which are ideal for after hours’ access but can also be fitted with roller doors in case access needs to be limited.

General upkeep

The chances of your customers using an ATM that is in disrepair, not working as well it should or is dirty are very slim. In order to get the most out of your ATM it needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned. A lot goes into keeping an ATM running and presentable and that needs to be taken into account when deciding to install a machine.

ATM Solutions offers all its customers on-going service and support for as long the ATM is in place. This includes a range of services, including remote monitoring and error resolution by a national team of technicians; security and risk management in partnership with SAPS; transaction processing and switching via our own Postillion processor; and regular site visits from our dedicated team of consultants. All of this ensures that you get an ATM that you’re proud to have in your business.

This might seem like a lot to consider, but you have nothing to worry about because your ATM Solutions consultant will walk you through all of this information (and more) should you choose to install an ATM with us. Until then, feel free to have another look at our enlightening infographic regarding Everything you need to know about installing an ATM below.