Your customers can now send airtime to loved ones abroad with Kazang’s international airtime transfer

airtime-transfer-cellphone-sending-airtime-to-africa-lady-on-a-phoneKeeping in touch with friends and family sprawled across the globe is essential but can be costly and sometimes hard to manage. You can always call them, but it would be nice if they called you from time to time, too. Sending airtime to someone in the country is a common practice and our cellular network providers have taken great steps to make it fast and easy, but what if you want to send airtime to someone in a different country? Often, it can be neither fast nor easy.

Kazang intends to change that with it’s brand new international airtime transfer service. Now your customers can send airtime directly to mobile phone of anyone in a different country with no hassles. Here’s all you need to know about Kazang’s latest feature.

The solution South Africa has been waiting for

Of course, there are a few services for sending airtime to other countries like WorldRemit (an international remittance service), FNB’s International Prepaid and MTN’s partnership with TransferTo. But Kazang is the first to bring an instant, uncomplicated and affordable international airtime transfer option to South Africa that isn’t limited to a specific network or just a handful of countries. Kazang supports international airtime transfers to over 400 networks in more than 120 countries all over the world.

At the time of the last national census in 2011, there were 2.1 million foreign nationals in South Africa. Doubtless, that number has gone up since then. People from all over Africa and the rest of the world come to South Africa to work, usually leaving their families behind in their home countries. The possibility of fast and affordable international airtime transfer makes it that much easier for families to stay in touch despite being oceans apart.

As CEO of Kazang Martin Wright puts it, “We’re thrilled to be the first to offer this valuable service to our customers who require a quick, low-cost, convenient way of sending airtime to loved ones back home.”

How does it work?

All customers need to do is provide their nearest Kazang vendor with the number of recipient of the international airtime transfer, including the international dialling code (e.g +266 XXXXXXXX for Lesotho). Then they have to indicate the Rand amount that they would like to transfer to the recipient. As soon as they’ve confirmed the amount and paid, the vendor can initiate the transfer.

Over in Lesotho, the recipient of the transfer will receive the airtime top-up as soon as the sender completes the transaction. There’s no need for them to enter a voucher number or PIN and they can start using their airtime, as normal, immediately.

By becoming a Kazang merchant, you can offer this and many other services to your customers

In addition to letting your customers send airtime to friends and family in different countries, you can use the Kazang terminal to provide other services like international calling vouchers, prepaid airtime and electricity bill payments. All of these can be lucrative revenue streams for your retail business. And, most importantly, you make life a lot easier for your customers. To learn more about all of Kazang’s services, download this informational brochure .