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ATM Solution’s installations provide on-screen advertising

a-man-looking-at-a-screen-atm-solutions-atm-screen-advertisingAdvertising techniques are forced to be more inventive constantly because consumers become desensitized to traditional methods. And as the world develops, advertisers are forced to keep up. The world has just fully cottoned on to digital advertising, but people are already talking about a post-digital world. The point is to never stop finding new ways to keep consumers engaged. This is why Guerrilla IMC, an outdoor media company, has partnered with ATM Solutions, to provide advertisers with an alternative, measurable and effective way to reach their target audiences. As an advertiser, you can now have your ads broadcast at any ATM Solutions installation, and here’s why you should:

ATMs are prime advertising real estate

ATMs aren’t just the “cash machines” they used to be in the past. Now, they are bona fide banking channels in their own right, offering a range of services that consumers would ordinarily access inside bank branches. But to a large extent ATMs have been overlooked as marketing platforms when in fact they might be a great way to get consumers’ attention.

For one thing, ATM advertising gets you the undivided attention you need from your consumers right before they start spending their money. People are focused on the ATM’s screen during transactions and being able to intercept that window of attention, even for a few seconds, could mean all the difference in swaying a consumer towards your product. ATMs are also frequently located near retail spaces and clever advertising techniques could directly drive sales to a particular retail business.

And because screen advertising is digital, your message can be customised, even to the extent of having separate ATM locations running different campaigns at the same time. You can also gain insight into how well your campaigns are working by knowing how many people viewed your advert, when and at what location.

Guerrilla IMC’s approach to screen advertising is modern and intelligent

Guerrilla IMC aren’t just interested in mass distributing your message to as many ATMs as possible; they want to reach the right customers at exactly the right time and place in order to guarantee measurable results. And in order to do that, they’ve employed some clever methods in their ATM screen advertising.

For example, they can use what’s called geo-fencing to locate all the ATMs within a 1km radius of your business and place your adverts at those ATMs in order to drive traffic to your business. There’s also geo-conquesting, which works a lot like geo-fencing except this time your ads are broadcast at ATMs within a 1km radius of your competition in order to draw them away from them and towards your business.

Guerrilla IMC also have advanced segmentation techniques that can split your customer base up into discrete groups that can be individually marketed to. They can segment your customers according to LSM, income, race and language. By tailoring your message specifically for each segment, your adverts are significantly more impactful and have a greater chance of generating sales.

Additionally, by partnering with ATM Solutions, Guerrilla IMC have access to a large network of ATMs across the country. Screen advertising on our installations will be able to reach areas with heavy foot traffic like shopping centres and filling stations, as well locations that are more remote. They can even target campaigns according to banks, retailer and area (malls, schools or sports grounds, for example).

ATM screen advertising opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. You can even run competitions and promotions using this channel. In fact, Uber is currently running a promotion on 270 ATMs across the country where consumers receive promo codes for free and discounted Uber rides.

Become an advertiser

ATM Solutions has over 5 000 ATM installations nationwide that process more than 9 million transactions a month. That’s over 9 million golden opportunities for you to put your product or service in front of an alert and captive audience. Screen advertising is your last chance to influence consumers’ decisions and with the strategy and metrics that Guerrilla IMC has put behind it, you’ll be able to track and improve the success of your campaigns. For more information about this brilliant marketing tactic, contact Guerrilla IMC’s Advance Assault Sergeant, Simon Allenburg telephonically (082 463 0599 or 011 021 8347) or via email at simon@guerrilla-imc.co.za.