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Which ATM machine is the best for your business?

a-lady-drawing-money-at-an-atm-machineIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re fully aware of all the benefits of having an ATM machine in or close to your business. An ATM installation encourages sales, increases foot traffic to your business and earns you revenue from ATM transactions. But every business is different and ATM machines come in all shapes and sizes. So which one suits your business best?

ATM Solutions have three different installation options in order to meet the varied needs of different retail businesses. Let’s see which one is the best fit for yours.

Free standing ATM

  • This installation is the ideal option for businesses in small locations as it takes up very little floor space and requires no renovations.
  • If security is a concern, this installation has the added benefit of staying securely inside the business after trading hours.
  • For convenience, cash can be loaded either in the front or the back of the machine, which is especially useful if you choose to cash your ATM yourself and smoothly recycle cash within your business.

Through-the-wall ATM

  • This ATM is securely installed into the wall and can be positioned to face either inside or outside the store, giving you the flexibility to control the flow of foot traffic.
  • It is secured with manual or automatic roller shutter doors that are monitored electronically so that service can be kept within trading hours.
  • Cash can be loaded in the front or the rear and you have the option of cashing it yourself, saving you time and money, or opting for cash-in-transit services.

Kiosk ATM

  • A kiosk ATM installation is built on the premises but as a separate structure with an ATM inside. The ATM is designed to give customers absolute privacy during transactions.
  • Kiosk ATMs can also be installed with solar panels and inverters that store and convert solar energy into electricity in the event of a power outage.
  • This installation gives you all the benefits of having an ATM at your business without losing any valuable floor space.

Why choose ATM Solutions?

Since 1999, ATM Solutions has installed over 5000 ATMs. Once an ATM is installed, business owners can look forward to ongoing services, including transaction processing and switching, security and risk management as well as monitoring and maintenance of the ATM machine. Business owners can also choose to cash their ATMs themselves with money from their tills, saving them high cash deposit fees and reducing downtime when the cash stock is low. For more information, download our brochure below.