Stay in touch with international calling brought to you by Kazang and Talk360

International calling just got easier and a lot more affordable. Kazang now offers Talk360 vouchers as part of its product bouquet. Talk360 is the simplest way to make international calls at a flat rate, no matter where you, or your loved ones, are in the world. We’re fast approaching the holiday season and keeping connected with friends and relatives abroad can be complicated and costly. Now it doesn’t have to be, thanks to Kazang and Talk360’s partnership. Here’s a quick rundown of what Talk360 is and how you can get involved.

Affordable international calling at your fingertips

Talk360 is a mobile app that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to make international calls possible from smartphones. Basically, it requires an internet connection (either WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE) to connect a user’s smartphone to any international number. Calls are charged a flat rate that’s far more affordable than roaming charges.

Keep your number and all your contacts

Talk360 lets a user register their existing cellphone number as their caller ID and syncs with their address book, so that their international calling experience works exactly the same way normal calls work. Additionally, if someone owns more than one smart device, Talk360 lets them use the same account across multiple devices, including tablets.

Direct connectivity without the complications

The receiver of the call doesn’t even have to have the app in order for the call to work – as long as the person making the call has the app, the person on the other end receives it like any other call. All users need to do is download the app (which is available across all major operating systems), buy a voucher from a Kazang merchant, load it, and they can start making international calls.

Talk360 users earn free minutes for referring friends

When customers spread the word about Talk360 they can earn free call credits. Each Talk360 user has a unique friend code that they can send to any of their contacts. Once the contacts download the app and enter it upon the friend code when signing up, the friend who referred them gets free call credits. Kazang is also offering 5 free minutes to any new users who enter the promo code “KAZANG” when they download the app.

Become a Kazang merchant and add a revenue stream to your retail business

Kazang merchants earn rebates on each Talk360 voucher that is sold in their store. That’s on top of several other revenue streams Kazang adds to your business. Not only can you sell international calling vouchers, but you can also sell prepaid airtime and electricity, betting services like Hollywood Bets and The National Lottery, and you can also accept bill payments for DStv. To learn more about everything a Kazang terminal has to offer, download this comprehensive brochure.