ZipZap now lets you rent mPOS so you can keep up with your card payments

the-difference-between-mpos-and-mobile-paymentsThe value of mobile POS (mPOS) cannot be overstated. Business won’t always come to you so sometimes you have to seek it. But with advances in technology, it’s no longer necessary, after you’ve found trade, to invoice for your product or service.

You probably already know this. You’ve probably looked into getting an mPOS device, did your calculations and realised that you couldn’t actually afford the investment. Well, we have good news for you. ZipZap is introducing a new payment model for acquiring one of their devices. Now you don’t have to own a ZipZap device in order to keep up with your customers’ card payments – because you can simply rent it.

How does it work?

The benefit of renting is that you pay no set-up costs or activation fees and you get to take advantage of the lowest transaction rates in the country at 2.75%. For the affordable monthly fee of R150 on a 24-month contract, you can enjoy the perks of mPOS within a few days of signing up. If you’d rather rent a ZipZap device that own one, all you need to do is apply and supply the relevant documentation.

There’s more. If your MasterCard and Visa transactions exceed R25 000 for any given month, you don’t have to pay the rental fee – you get that month for free! If your card transactions dip below R25 000 again, you go back to paying R150 a month for the device.

Apply now!

ZipZap is a fast and easy way to accept card payments anywhere you find your next customers. All you need to transact is the ZipZap mPOS card reader and a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. ZipZap is compatible with all major operating systems and you can view your full transaction history online through your merchant portal. Apply today and finally join the mPOS revolution.