Paycorp mPOS deal designed to boost small business

ZipZap offers entrepreneurial thinking to entrepreneurial thinkers

Great news for small businesses with big ambitions! If your turnover is growing and your Visa and MasterCard transactions regularly hit the R25000 per month mark, Paycorp will reward you with its best ever mPOS deal: a free ZipZap device and no activation fees making this the best mPOS deal on the market today.

The ONLY thing ZipZap customers will pay is the low transaction fee of 2,75% (ex VAT) when a card is swiped.

We know what you’re thinking: what if you have a slow month and your transactions amount to less than R25000? Paycorp isn’t out to penalise businesses for growth, but to help them along the way. In the odd month when transactions drop below R25000, the ZipZap customer will simply be charged a rental fee of R150 for that month.

Steven Kark, CEO of Paycorp explains. “We know what it’s like to start a business from scratch. 17 years ago when we started Paycorp we were grateful for every bit of help we had along the way. Now we offer a helping hand in gratitude for our own growth and success. We want to see South Africa’s entrepreneurial community growing and thriving.”

The ZipZap mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) unit works wherever you do business, enabling you to take payment with a debit or credit card anywhere, any time.  All you need is any smart phone or tablet to link the free app to the secure ZipZap card reader. And you can have a concise transaction history delivered to your phone or computer.

There is also a Windows Desktop ZipZap option with a USB connection so it works with your Windows Desktop too, either in place of your traditional POS system or right alongside it as a very handy queue-buster when your store is busier than usual.

And the options don’t stop there. If your business doesn’t qualify for the free device, ZipZap offers two other payment options to best suit your pocket and cash flow: you can choose to buy the device outright at a once-off purchase fee of R1599 (ex VAT) or you can rent a ZipZap mPOS device for R150 per month, on a 24 month contract.

ZipZap is, above all, about convenience. We all know that the easier it is for customers to pay, the more likely they are to come back again and again. With more people carrying cards than cash these days, you no longer have to risk losing a sale. With ZipZap those days are gone and your business is now truly mobile.


  1. Take payments anywhere, any time
  2. Three different payment options: free ZipZap, buy outright or a rental option
  3. Boost sales as paying by card encourages impulse purchases and higher spend
  4. Convenience – customers have more payment options
  5. There is no risk of non-payment
  6. Transactions are secure and inexpensive
  7. Re-chargeable credit card machine with long battery life means you don’t need to rely on electricity
  8. Comprehensive electronic monthly statements
  9. Access the customer support toll free line 7 days a week.