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Turn your tavern into a popular spot with these business ideas Turn your tavern into a popular spot with these business ideas

a-man-using-a-kazang-terminal-in-a-tavern-as-a-business-ideaIn years gone by, weary travellers would spend the night at a tavern after a long journey. Taverns not only gave these tired guests a place to rest but they also provided them with food and drinks. They were typically rather humble places but offered guests a welcome respite from a day on the road.

Modern taverns are a little different. They’re basically like any other pub. And like any other pub, they need to come up with new business ideas to outdo the competition. It’s important to offer your patrons something more than a warm meal and a cold beer. These watering holes should come up with creative promotions to keep customers coming back night after night. This is especially true if you’re running a smaller establishment and you’re trying to compete with bigger businesses.

Here are a few business ideas you can implement to make your spot the place to be:

Give your tavern a soundtrack

Just because you don’t have a grand stage, doesn’t mean that you can’t host live music. A live band gives your tavern a more welcoming atmosphere. These musicians needn’t be professionals – you can invite up-and-coming local bands to showcase their talents; many of which will bring a crowd of dedicated fans along with them. But make sure that their sound is suitable – you wouldn’t want someone playing black metal on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s also important to check the terms of your licence before you hire your first live act.

Run regular events

While hosting a pub quiz doesn’t rank among the most revolutionary of business ideas, the reality is that an event like a quiz keeps people around for longer than normal. This means they’ll spend more money on food and drinks, which is great for your business. Pub quizzes require minimal effort and are a great way to attract people to your tavern on nights that would otherwise be rather quiet. And by providing patrons with a competitive and enjoyable experience, you’ll soon have regulars who come back week after week.

Make your pub approachable

Think about MacLarens from How I Met Your Mother or the famous Cheers pub from the early 90s sitcom of the same name. What do these establishments have in common? They’re all pretty humble and approachable. In fact, it often seems like the TV show characters feel so comfortable in these bars that they treat them like home. If your tavern isn’t welcoming, people won’t feel inclined to visit. You might want to run a few community events to encourage families and older patrons to pop round for a snack or drink.

Screen live, local and international events and add some competition to the mix

Even if your customers aren’t the biggest sports aficionados, you can use big sporting events to draw people in. It’s important to provide these patrons with a good spot for settling in and enjoying the game. But this is one of those business ideas that requires extra effort. You’ll need to position screens carefully so no one has trouble seeing the action, make sure you have the right speakers, so the commentary can be heard by everyone and ensure you have enough staff so their aren’t queues at the bar or long waits for food. By partnering with the right prepaid electronic services provider, you can also offer betting services so your patrons have an additional incentive to be interested in the outcome.

In a nutshell, if you provide your customers more services, you’ll increase the amount of people paying your tavern a visit. From airtime to electricity, Kazang offers a faster and more flexible way to sell prepaid services and accept micropayments. To find out more about Kazang, take a look at this brochure.