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Keep your business ahead this spring with help from Paycorp

business-start-ups-business-newsTo stay in business you have to change with the times and, sometimes, the weather. Spring is in full swing and with the shift in climates comes a lot of change. People’s domestic, professional and social behaviours are adjusting to the warmer weather and they could all become consumers of your product if you adjusted with them. Because all of those behavioural changes invariably lead to new and different buying decision. If you’re wise (and we know you are), you’ll follow our business tips for maintaining a competitive edge, even when the winds suddenly shift.

There’s no such thing as too much information

You’re never fully educated as a business owner. Every paradigm shift and consumer trend brings with it lessons that you should learn – and learn fast. This doesn’t mean that you need to dust off your old student card, however, because besides the fact that running a business is an education on its own, there are plenty of other resources that are freely available for you to enrich your knowledge with. For instance, you can take any number of online courses that are free and run the gamut from entry-level lessons for business-starters all the way to social media marketing. You can also follow a few business blogs to stay clued up on all the latest industry news and insights. For small businesses, we recommend Ventureburn and for homegrown businesses looking to establish an African footprint, TechLoy is definitely worth subscribing to.

From time to time, we also like to share some knowledge with you. If you missed it, read our blogs on the history of money and simplification of all of those confusing contactless payments terms.

Prepare yourself for the future of banking and payments

Speaking of contactless payments, it’s possible that in the future the majority of payments might be tap-and-go. Innovation is pushing the payments industry further and further away from the days of just cash and card, and any serious business owner would start taking note. Biometrics are hurtling towards becoming a market standard and the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) recently collaborated with MasterCard and Visa to set universal specifications for biometric infrastructure in payments. Which means that PINs and passwords might become secondary (or obsolete) in the not-so-distant future.

Another emerging technology that has big implications for payments is the Internet of Things (link to IOT blog). Strides in innovation, like MasterCard’s Commerce For Every Device programme, could mean that in the future the things around us could make autonomous payments between each other without little need for human administration. It might not happen for a while, but like we mentioned earlier, you can never know too much.

Make sure you have all the right payment solutions in place

All the education and preparation in the world can’t help you much if you haven’t nailed the fundamentals. Gearing your business up to be ready for future success (or growth, or similar) means making sure that you are ready for any kind of customer and any kind of payment. Here at Paycorp, we have you covered with a whole range of products and solutions designed to make any business, big or small, capable of serving its customers efficiently and securely. Whether you need an ATM installed in or outside your business, a mobile POS device to complement your traditional point-of-sale; or you’d like to give prepaid vending a try, we have it all. Download our product brochure and set yourself apart this season and many more to come.