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Three business opportunities you can seize this spring

a-guy-finding-the-business-opportunities-to-start-this-springWhen you think of spring, two things come to mind: new beginnings and a lot of change. But probably the most obvious thing that comes to mind is the sunny weather we get to enjoy. A shift in weather changes more than just our choice in clothing; it influences our social behaviour and our buying patterns. People’s needs change along with the weather and, for those willing to notice, gaps in the market open up. So why not capitalise on the sunny weather with a new beginning of your own that’ll put a lot of change in your pocket? Here are a few business opportunities ripe and ready for picking this spring.

Find your market – literally

Now that it’s warm enough to leave the house, people are going to want to do just that. Every weekend, without fail, there’ll probably be a market or two happening in your neighbourhood. In fact, Johannesburg has weekend markets like Neighbourgoods and Market on Main that happen all year round, but really boom during the warmer months. So why not take a simple concept like a braai (a universal South African favourite) or refreshing artisanal cocktails, and bring it to the people? It doesn’t have to be food. Marketplaces are varied enough for all kinds of business opportunities to thrive. You can take any talent or a hobby you have and transform it into a business with a little creative thinking. This blog has some nice tips.

Combine adventure with exercise

The malaise of winter is behind us and people are now making final pushes towards attaining their perfect summer bodies. But they also want to get out there and do adventurous activities. The combination of these two opens many business opportunities that cater to the adventurous and health-conscious. Outdoor bootcamps are very successful, so why not organise, or lead one, in your own neighbourhood park? With a couple of tractor tyres, some rope, beams and cones, you could turn nature into a gymnasium for your community. Or how about leading a sunrise yoga class every morning? Or starting a guided hiking business in the countryside. People are slowly becoming disillusioned with big commercial gyms as budget and independent gyms gain popularity. If there was ever a time to get involved, it’s now.

Make a clean break

Early spring is the best time to clean and declutter the house from the winter hibernation. The balmy temperatures are just warm enough to encourage work, but not hot enough to leave you spent after a few minutes. It’s almost a ritual for people to clean their houses from top to bottom in September, but let’s not pretend it isn’t a laborious one. Here’s where you and your business come in. Imagine being able to guarantee a fully spring cleaned house to your customers by the time they got back from their weekend getaway. You can even kill two business opportunities with one stone by organising a jumble sale for them with all of the things they hoarded throughout the winter but don’t wish to keep anymore.

Never miss a sale

Whether you’re at weekend market in Maboneng, hiking up Lion’s Head or scrubbing down a house in Umhlanga, you should be able to accept easy and quick card payments from your customers. Paycorp’s mPOS device, ZipZap, is your perfect companion. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, the card reader and an internet connection and your spring business already has an edge on the competition. Download our comprehensive brochure for further details.