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Tra(digital) marketing: the best both of worlds

traditional-marketing-combined-with-digital-marketingWhenever you hear about traditional marketing and digital marketing, they’re often framed as mortal enemies. We’re all taught that digital is the way to go now and traditional marketing is nearing its end. Perhaps to an extent, but what has actually happened is that the audience has changed (attention spans are shorter, overexposure has led to desensitisation) and traditional marketing hasn’t been keeping up. So digital marketing stepped in and, because it’s so dynamic, solved a lot of these issues – but only for a while. What the business world is realising now is that both digital and traditional marketing can work harmoniously, perhaps even better than they do separately.

You’re probably thinking that your small business can’t afford any of this anyway, so who cares? Well, you should, because you can afford it – everyone can. In this blog we’ll look at a few ways any business, big or small, can embrace the the best of both digital and traditional marketing.

  • Begin with the end in mind. And by that we mean a clear objective. Do you want to draw more people to your store, do you want a promote a particular product, or do you want to attract people to your website? It goes without saying, but knowing what you want to achieve is the first step to developing a marketing strategy that combines traditional and digital elements effectively.
  • Never forget social media. Social media has done a lot to humanise businesses and brands. It’s made them more accessible to consumers, it doubles as an informal measure of customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, it’s a useful marketing tool. Social media can work very well combined with traditional marketing tools. For example, coffee shops have always used the little chalkboard outside their doors to promote the day’s specials to passersby. With the arrival of social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, they were able to post pictures of the chalkboards online daily, thereby giving all their followers a chance to “walk” by and see the day’s specials. To increase the entertainment factor they even add a different quote, doodle or joke to the chalkboard each day.
  • Don’t believe the hype – print is still alive. Print is often viewed as the epitome of traditional marketing and completely at odds with the digital revolution. Print might have had to move up a bit to make space for digital media, but it still has its fair share of the market and it is constantly evolving to keep up with an increasingly digital world. When combined with digital marketing techniques, print is no longer a passive marketing tool and becomes more interactive. Print ads with QR codes are a good example of this. You can direct customers wherever you want – in-store to redeem a voucher or online to find out more details about a competition – just adding by a tiny digital element in the corner of an otherwise normal piece of traditional marketing.
  • Get creative. Because every business is different and the market never stays the same, your “tra(digital)” marketing strategy needs to be flexible too. If traditional marketing is stable and fixed and digital marketing is dynamic, it’s the combination of these two that will give your business a reliable yet adaptable marketing strategy. Lure the millennials in by asking them to post selfies of their first cups of coffee of the day in your shop in exchange for loyalty points. Or capitalise on the Pokémon GO craze if your business is (or is near) a Pokéstop by offering to rapid charge your customers’ phones for free while they wait for their food get their hair cut. Watch what your customers respond to and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Once you have them in your business, you need to make sure you can close any sale. Having an mPOS device lets you accept payments anywhere, whether it’s at the till as your customers redeem vouchers they found in today’s paper or just outside your door while they try to catch Pokémon on their smartphones. Download our ZipZap brochure and start reaping the rewards of your brand new “tradigital” marketing strategy.