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Boost sales revenue by giving your customers a place to pay their bills

increase-sales-revenue-with-a-kazang-deviceAdding a revenue stream to your business is always great. It’s basically a shortcut to growing your business. What’s even better than that is adding a revenue stream that delights your customers by adding value to their experience with your business. Making your customers’ lives easier will always be rewarded with return business and increased foot traffic. But what are your options to this end? One thing you could try that’s already working for several other businesses is letting your customers pay their bills in-store. Let’s look at which retailers are already doing it and how you could potentially join their league.

Pick n Pay’s At The Till Service

The popular supermarket franchise that turns 50 next year has several ways for its customers to pay their bills in-store. Have you ever just let your traffic fines pile up because you didn’t want to go through the effort of paying them? Well, what if you knew that you could do it while restocking on groceries? At Pick n Pay, you can. Not only that, you can settle your Telkom account and pay municipal bills at one convenient location. As long as your bill is marked with the EasyPay or Pay@ logos, you can sort it out while you pick up the milk.

Spar’s My Payments

Every Spar has a kiosk where you can purchase Intercape bus tickets, airtime, transfer money and collect SASSA grants. But what you might not have known about is their My Payments service which lets customers pay a number of different bills while they go about their shopping. You can settle municipal bills for City of Tshwane, Cape Town and Johannesburg. You can also pay for your TV licence and clear your Eskom account.

What about you?

What will you call your bill payment service? How about Kazang? That’s right, you don’t have to be a fifty-year-old supermarket chain to run your business like one. With Kazang any retailer, big or small, can offer customers the convenience of paying bills, buying Lotto tickets, topping up mobile wallets as well as other prepaid services such electricity, airtime, data and betting services. To learn more about Kazang and the power of prepaid vending, download our brochure.