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Prepaid vending and the power of vouchers

lady-using-a-kazang-device-for-prepaid-services-and-prepaid-vouchersThe point of running a small business is never to stay small. Eventually, you’d like to expand your business to offer more products and services and reach more people. Principally, however, you want revenue to keep coming in at a healthy and consistent rate. There are endless ways to stimulate revenue ranging from basic to complex, but historically the simplest ones yield the best results. So what’s simpler than adding a revenue stream to your business by offering prepaid vouchers to your customers and earning commission on the transactions? Not much, which is why in this blog we highlight some of the persuasive and powerful perks of prepaid vending.

The benefits of prepaid vouchers

Prepaid vouchers are useful because of the nominal voucher amounts that customers can choose for themselves. Instead of sticking to the fixed packages that prepaid services usually come in, your customers can buy prepaid services for amounts of their choosing. If they want airtime for R200, for example, they won’t be forced to settle for an R150 voucher because it’s the only closest one. This freedom of choice will incentivize your customers to keep coming back to your business.

Speaking of choice, Kazang has a wide variety of prepaid services on offer, including:

  • Prepaid airtime and data. Kazang carries prepaid vouchers for all the major mobile operators in South Africa, including Cell C, Vodacom, MTN, Virgin Mobile, and Telkom.
  • Electricity. The benefit of prepaid overbilled electricity is the power to monitor and control your electricity usage. With Kazang your customers can purchase prepaid Eskom vouchers while they shop in your store.
  • Lotto and Hollywood Bets. South Africa’s National Lottery products: Lotto, Lotto Plus, PowerBall and Sportstake are all available through Kazang, as well as betting service Hollywood Bets.
  • International calling vouchers. For your customers with relatives and friends all over the world, rechargeable prepaid cards are a great way to avoid steep call charges. Your customers can recharge their cards directly through the Kazang terminal.

What can prepaid vending with Kazang do for your business?

The effort of investing in another system that you have to pay for and familiarise yourself with might seem like a lot of admin, but with Kazang the device is free and the ability to make your money back is quick and easy. A Kazang terminal offers you the following benefits:

  • Added revenue stream. Your business can never have too many sources of income. The revenue you generate from selling prepaid services can offset several other expenses in your business.
  • Boost secondary sales. With the increased foot traffic driven to your business by your offering of prepaid services, the chances of people spending on other products and services, your overall business revenue is also increased.

Kazang is the obvious choice for businesses looking to get into prepaid vending

You earn commission from every transaction with Kazang and you can also purchase airtime at a discount and then make a profit by reselling it. Kazang terminals are easy to use and always running (with a qualified support team available to assist you) and they’re compliant with the strictest industry security standards. In case you need a bit more convincing, download our Kazang brochure.