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The benefits of self-cashing your Paycorp ATM

lady-self-cashing-an-atm-to-avoid-CIT-trucksYou’d be forgiven for not knowing that this was an option when you get an ATM in your business. Cash-in-transit services are pretty standard across the board. But Paycorp and ATM Solutions have always been about empowering our clients by providing them with options. We understand that no two businesses are alike, therefore, we’ve made it our mission to tailor our products and services in such a way that they meet the unique needs of any business.

In this blog we’ll expand on a few of the benefits of opting to cash your ATM yourself.

Save on cash deposit and cash collection fees

Recycling the cash in your store with excess cash from your tills means that you save money on expensive cash deposit fees or drop safe collection fees. It also means that you can avoid high cash levels in your tills. The amount of cash dispensed from your ATM is transferred directly into your business bank account daily and you pay absolutely no fees. You will receive comprehensive monthly statements that reconcile cash dispensed and cash reimbursed with interesting stats that show withdrawal trends. ATM cash levels can be monitored and SMS notifications are sent when levels are low. You are in control of your ATM uptime and can clear errors quickly – making sure your ATM is available to your customers whenever they need it.

Keep cash out of your cash register

Have you ever walked past a store window after hours and noticed how all of the tills are open, the empty security money bags hanging over the side? Maybe you’ve seen some version of the “keys to the safe aren’t kept on the premises” sign? These are all safety measures that business owners resort to in order to deter criminals from targeting their businesses. Unfortunately, the same cash that is an asset to your business is a security liability after hours. By cashing your own ATM, you can keep excess cash more safely.

No more visits to the bank

Standing in long bank queues is a waste of valuable time, particularly for a business owner who should be using that time to run his or her business. If you’re self-cashing your ATM, you’re essentially recycling the money within the business. The cash dispensed by your ATM is deposited into your account, so you don’t have to make time-consuming trips to the bank to deposit the money from your cash register or safe. It’s a small convenience, but the payoff in the long run is undeniable.

Expand your options with Paycorp and ATM Solutions

When you order an ATM from Paycorp, we do a full assessment of your business and its requirements and will advise you find the best ATM solution. We also have a range of installation types, each suited to a particular type of business. All our ATMs satisfy industry security standards to the fullest extend and have unbeatable up times and transactions. For more information, check out our illustrative infographic about Everything You Need to Know about Installing an ATM.