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Is your business equipped with the right payment solutions?

summary-blog-june-people-around-a-tableWhat’s a business owner to do when it feels like consumer trends are moving faster than their business strategy? We’re living in what many are calling the golden age of innovation and one benefit of this, for the financial services sector especially, is the wealth of payment methods that are currently available. When it comes to payment alternatives, consumers are spoilt for choice – and they’re choosing everything. But how do businesses keep up? How do you cater for all your customers’ needs when it seems like they’re constantly evolving? Paycorp has a few ideas…

An ATM installation in your business gives your customers more payment options

Firstly, having an ATM machine around your business automatically attracts customers to you and away from a business that doesn’t have this amenity. Consumers will always reward convenience with patronage and an ATM installation is a simple and effective way to maximise on that fact. Secondly, having an ATM in or around your premises increases the number of micro-transactions your business conducts. Many merchants and consumers still like to transact using cash, especially for smaller payments, so an ATM increases customers’ access to cash, thereby promoting spending in your shop. Lastly, and most importantly, no alternative payment method is as reflexive as exchanging legal tender. So if you’re finding it difficult to cater to every single payment method out there, installing an ATM is the best way to meet your customers’ needs while remaining competitive among businesses with all the other payment options.

A good POS system should do more than just facilitate transactions

Not only should a point-of-sale system facilitate card payments, but it should do so quickly, reliably and easily. Think of your business’ card processing facilities as a way of increasing the rate of your business’ operations, cutting down queues and making every transaction as brief and painless as possible. If your business’ card machines and point-of-sale infrastructure aren’t achieving even one of these essentials, it might be time to switch.

When you do decide to switch, take a few things into consideration regarding your new POS system. An effective speed point should be capable of keeping all your transactions secure, it should have a detailed transaction history that you can access at any time, it should seamlessly integrate with any other systems you already have in your business, and should deliver the all-important return on investment. If you’d like to go even further than that, look for card machines that provide added value like supporting contactless payments.

Capitalise on the cold this winter by vending prepaid electricity

Prepaid electricity has several benefits over post-paid electricity like allowing users to track their electricity usage, control their monthly spending, and avoid hefty reconnection penalties fees that come with post-paid electricity. If you’re a retailer and you would like to maximise on the increased need for electricity during winter, you should consider vending prepaid electricity vouchers to your customers. The added revenue stream and increased foot traffic will see your business through the winter chill.

Stay ahead of the race by partnering with Paycorp

Whatever your payment requirements are, Paycorp has your business covered. Our sixteen years in the industry have taught us exactly what businesses need in a payment solutions provider: superior and consistent quality, guaranteed security, and measurable return on investment. Paycorp carries these qualities through every product and service on offer; our ATMs, point-of-sale systems (link to EFTPOS landing page) and prepaid vending products (link to Kazang brochure) are all compliant with the latest PCI standards and represent the most current and innovative technology. Choosing Paycorp as your business’ payment solutions partner keeps your business running smoothly and participating competitively in the industry at all times.