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Everything you need to know about getting an ATM machine installed with ATM Solutions

ATM MACHINE INSTALLED WITH ATM SOLUTIONSLast week we discussed how an ATM machine might help your retail business make more money. For one, it’s a guaranteed way to drive foot traffic to your business. Secondly, it can increase the number of micro-transactions you carry out and boost your sales revenue. The benefits are pretty clear and the process is fairly simple. Just to show how easy it is to get an ATM with ATM Solutions, we’ve charted the full journey from the moment you order one to well after the machine is installed and up and running.

The initial application and site acquisition

The first step in getting an ATM Solutions installation for your retail business is to apply for one. When processing your application, a lot is taken into consideration including the area in which the ATM machine will be located, its demographic makeup, the number of other ATMs nearby and which banks those ATMs belong to. If your retail business’ location meets all the criteria and the application is successful, the installation process begins.

Installing an ATM machine and settling on a cashing option

Once a site is secured for installation, the type of ATM installation needs to be determined. ATM Solutions offers three different installations: the free standing ATM; the through-the-wall ATM; and the kiosk ATM. Based on a number of factors including the size of your retail business and your operating hours, the perfect ATM for your business is selected and installed within four to 12 weeks. All bank branding and signage will also be done for you by the ATM Solutions team.

At ATM Solutions, we offer you the option of either having the ATM cashed by cash-in-transit (CIT) services provided as part of your contract, or of cashing the ATM yourself with money your retail business generates through sales. The benefit of self-cashing the ATM is that you save time and money on cash-deposit and cash-collection fees and you earn higher rebates than if the ATM is CIT-cashed. The ATM Solutions team will assess your unique situation and advise you on the best cashing option for your installation.

Continuous maintenance and ongoing operations

After the installation is complete and the ATM machine is functional, ATM Solutions maintains an ongoing relationship with you while your ATM is remotely monitored to ensure that it is always fully stocked and operational.

  • Monitoring and maintenance. A national technical team and a repair centre is responsible for proactively monitoring all installations and responding to service calls.
  • Transaction processing and cash management. All ATM Solutions’ installations and transaction processing systems are PCI DSS-compliant. Every ATM is balanced and every transaction reconciled with the banks on a daily basis.
  • Customer relationship and management. A customer relationship team is dedicated to maintaining the satisfaction of all of ATM Solutions’ clients. Customers receive regular site visits, security alerts, electronic statements and SMS alerts when the machine is running low on cash.

If you’d like learn more about getting an ATM machine with ATM Solutions, download our helpful infographic and browse our ATM product page.