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Boost your business’ performance with our payment solutions

Paycorp-payment-solutions-summary-blogWe’re approaching the end of the first half of the year which is usually when most businesses reassess their business strategies so that they can make the necessary adjustments for the period ahead. If you’ve already been scrutinising your business’ challenges and triumphs over the past few months, you probably already have a plan in place for the rest of the year. But just so you leave no stone unturned, Paycorp would like to remind you to have your business’ essentials handled. From having an ATM around your business to picking the best credit card machines for transactions, you’d be surprised how far the right resources could take your business.

Putting thought into your choice of POS service pays off

Choosing a card machine shouldn’t be an afterthought, because it can often affect other parts of your business. Your POS system dictates how you transact, therefore it needs to be as effective (in terms of ease-of-use and uptime) as possible. There are a few questions  you should be able to answer before you decide on a merchant service for your business, like ‘will the technology keep your customers’ payment data secure?’ or ‘is the system reliable?’

If you’re still unsure about what merchant device would suit your business the best, have a look at our product comparison between our own mobile POS (mPOS) and traditional POS devices and download our comprehensive EFTPOS brochure.

The ATMs we know and love today have come a very long way

Did you know that the ATM predecessor couldn’t dispense cash, but could only accept it? Or that the first ATMs launched in South Africa were only initially available for use between 7AM and 7PM, Monday to Saturday?

ATM technology has gone through a few transformations since the late 60s. From the first cash dispensers, to the introduction of bank cards and PIN numbers, and the eventual harnessing of the internet to network ATMs together; the machines we interact with today bear little resemblance to their predecessors.

It is thanks to innovation that ATMs have been able to keep up with and even drive the busy world we live in. It is also thanks to innovation that Paycorp has been able to install over 5000 ATMs. It is still true that an ATM installation helps drive traffic towards your business to boost its growth.


Whatever your plan is for the second half of the year, Paycorp has the right payment solutions for you

However your business strategy changes over the financial year, whatever direction your business takes going forward, Paycorp’s complete range of payment solutions is sure to assist you to reach your new goals. All Paycorp payment solutions are PCI DSS-compliant to the highest and latest standard and we have been in the payment solutions industry for over 15 years.

Whether you’d like to add an extra stream of revenue by selling prepaid services or equip your business to accept payments wherever and whenever with a reliable mPOS device that goes where you go, Paycorp has the right payment solutions for your business’s unique needs. Visit our products and services page here.