Head Office, Johannesburg, South Africa

South African contemporary art finds a home in Paycorp’s Johannesburg headquarters

paycorp_Contemporary_artsBeing a young artist in South Africa can be difficult; there’s always a lingering concern that the industry is saturated – but it isn’t. What’s more accurate is that there aren’t enough avenues and opportunities being opened up for artists to get exposed to audiences. Companies all over the country, like Standard BankABSA and Rand Merchant Bank, have taken this to heart and literally opened their doors to local artists by buying and displaying their work in their corporate offices.

Paycorp, as a homegrown business, is also a patron of homegrown art and our offices in Johannesburg are testament to that.


Art plays a key role in our country’s cultural and historical identity

South Africa is a country that has always been closely tied to its art. It’s how we tell our unique stories and how we archive our complex past. The youth of South Africa are the custodians of our country’s culture and they get to transfer it to future generations. The essence of South Africa’s people lies in their talented hands and it can only benefit our country to amplify their voices and create spaces for their art to be seen and appreciated.


Art has undeniable economic importance, but it is its intangible value that sets it apart from other industries. Art contributes to the cultural capital of a society. In South Africa, a country rich with such diverse cultures, it is crucial that we nurture this. Protecting and promoting art boosts social cohesion and cultural awareness while strengthening a vital part of our vibrant history.


Paycorp’s Johannesburg offices provide a platform for young South African artists to be seen

Walking around Paycorp’s Johannesburg offices, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d missed a turn and accidentally wandered into an art gallery. That’s because the walls are decorated with a gorgeous selection of paintings produced by some of South Africa’s talented fledgling artists.

Corporate offices that incorporate art displays into their office interior design aren’t anything new. Google’s offices in Bryanston have a distinct South African feel thanks to the company’s collaboration with contemporary artists. Nando’s, another famous supporter of art, has sculptures and various other artworks on display at their Central Kitchen and in Nando’s stores globally (where South African artists’ distinct flavour are exposed to an international audience).


The artwork on display in Paycorp’s office boasts a range of styles that are representative of South Africa’s current contemporary culture. In addition to the artworks that hang in Paycorp’s reception and boardrooms, the company’s corridors are lined with a selection of creative blocks (miniature paintings that condense a variety of brilliant imagery and styles onto 18 cm X 18 cm squares) by various young painters. The themes explored in the art in Paycorp’s offices run the gamut from stirring depictions of modern South African life to dreamy abstract scenes – an interesting cross-section of the artists’ perspectives on their world.

Paycorp’s choice of corporate décor isn’t a happy accident or a symptom of a corporate trend, but just one more way that the company can contribute to the improvement of South Africa by keeping one of our most exciting industries alive.