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Having the right payment solutions will make your business work more effectively (Demo)

payment_solutions_paycorp_payment_solutionsStarting and growing a business is not easy – even on a good day. But with recent economic turbulence, it’s become even harder. Business owners are looking for ways to limit expenditure while increasing revenue any way they can. Thankfully, we have a few ways you can make your business work better with the right payment solutions:


Cash is keeping its hold on the market

In the face of recent innovations in the mobile payments sector, predictions of a movement towards a cashless society are popular. However, research has shown that a large majority of South Africans still prefer cash. Cash is being used in combination with other methods of transacting and maintains its place on the market.

Having an ATM installed in or around your business is still an effective way of increasing foot traffic to your business, keeping up with competitors and providing convenience to your customers. Take a look at Paycorp’s ATM Solutions brochure – our range of installations are designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

The mobile payments bubble has broadened the uses of big data

Big data is an invaluable source of information for all businesses, and the mobile payments boom has highlighted this fact. Analysis of big data gathered from mobile payment transactions has given businesses the power to use buyer behaviour to inform business decisions and grow their enterprises. People live a huge part of their lives through their smartphones and businesses who are meeting them there are enjoying the rewards.

One way of ensuring that your business stays competitive and grows is to take advantage of the mobile payments boom and provide business owners with a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS). Having a mobile payment solution keeps you prepared for anything and able to accept payments anywhere and anytime. Paycorp’s mPOS device ZipZap provides the easiest and simplest way to transact by card in South Africa. All you need is one of our affordable card readers, an internet connection and a smartphone. Read our brochure for more information.

A safer POS environment promotes customer loyalty and business growth

People need more than one way of paying. But more than that people need their payment data to be kept secure. Credit card fraud is a very real danger of credit card processing and consumers are always anxious about the security of the money. Now more than ever businesses are looking for ways to guarantee their customers peace of mind when trading with them. Tokenisation has helped a lot in this regard and credit card processing is a comparatively less stressful experience than before.

To promote trust among your customers you should equip your business with the very best POS technology available. Paycorp’s suite of POS products includes innovative devices that are PCI DSS-compliant to the latest standard. Browse our EFTPOS brochure (link to brochure) and find the perfect POS solution to help you and your customers enjoy secure transactions.

Paycorp’s range of payment solutions are your business’ key to sustainable growth

Paycorp has been in the payment solutions industry for years. Our aim is to connect people to their money and to enable customers to pay. We provide a range of products that can help drive your business growth and optimise your transactional operations.

Visit our products and services page and take a look at exactly what we have on offer. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to give your customers an easier way to buy lotto tickets and prepaid electricity or you want to bring your customers and employees closer to their cash by installing an ATM around your business, we have a unique solution for you.