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mPOS solutions are the open secret to better business innovation

Mpos solutionsMobile payment solutions are taking over. The penetration of smartphones is so widespread that people basically live the majority of their lives through their mobile phones, so they might as well conduct business and trade through them as well. However, some business owners still aren’t completely sold on the idea of mobile payments. So, for the uninitiated and the incredulous, this blog delves into mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solutions and how they can help businesses grow, simplify payment processes and potentially boost revenue.


mPOS solutions are here to stay, and businesses without them are getting left behind

People are no longer pleasantly surprised to discover that a business has a mobile payment solution – they’re starting to expect it.

Consumers are beginning to take it for granted that if they happen to not have any cash on them they’ll still be able to pay for whatever they want, and businesses who are meeting this demand are reaping the benefits. Businesses with only one method of transaction are sure to lose customers to more equipped businesses as payment options become more diverse and customer needs become more varied.

As of January of this year, South Africa’s unemployment rate is at 24.5%. With economic conditions not expected to improve anytime soon, more and more South Africans are driven to start their own businesses, and mobile payment solutions are making it easier for them to run their young businesses.


In fact, mPOS solutions are letting small businesses operate like big businesses

Without the limitations of traditional payment solutions (such as the need for an electrical supply and financial access to expensive point-of-sale equipment and software) small and medium-sized business can now function like big businesses.

Mobile payment solutions also cut out the stresses of trading with customers. There’s no need to worry about accepting EFTs, sending out invoices that may or may not get paid on time and potential legal disputes with clients over payments. Transactions with mPOS are instant, can take place anywhere and require no laborious setup or costly infrastructure.

Mobile businesses and small startups need to have mobile payment provisions if they expect to stay competitive and grow. Mobile POS is no longer a nifty perk but a strategic business necessity that is the key to broadening the client base and guaranteeing return business, as well as reducing expenditure and increasing revenue.


ZipZap provides the easiest and simplest way to transact by card in South Africa

Paycorp’s mPOS device ZipZap allows you to do business anywhere with just a card reader, an internet connection and a smartphone. All you have to do as a vendor is download the app on your mobile phone for free, apply for the affordable card reader online and you can begin transacting within a few days when it is delivered to you.

All of Paycorp’s products stringently adhere to the latest industry standards are are PCI-compliant. If you would like to give your business the competitive edge, download our brochure and you can be on your way to untold benefits in no time.