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Your ultimate checklist to payment solutions that will boost your business’ growth

Payment solutionsIt’s about that time of the year again. The first quarter is behind us and with it goes the holiday season hangover and all the teething problems of a new financial year. By now, most business owners should be keenly aware of what’s wrong and right about their business strategies for 2016 and are ready to refocus on the second fiscal quarter.

Now is perfect time, then, to make sure that your business has the basics covered with Paycorp’s payment solutions that are designed to bolster your business’ growth for the remainder of the year and beyond.


Give your customers convenience and reap the benefits with Kazang 

Lately, customers aren’t only looking for quality but also convenience in the products and services that they buy. Businesses that offer more accessible commodities are reporting wider customer bases and more revenue. Paycorp’s micro-payment processing service, Kazang, gives your business the advantage with a whole suite of utilities.

Your customers can now pay bills, reload various wallet services like M-Pesa, pay DSTV bills, buy Lotto tickets and purchase prepaid airtime. With winter ahead, your customers can also beat the cold by replenishing their prepaid electricity through your Kazang device.


ZipZap gives your business the flexibility to innovate

The hassles of running a mobile business are varied and often unpredictable, but one obstacle that you’re almost certain to encounter quite often is people not being able to pay you on the spot. You could accept this as just a normal consequence of running a mobile business or you could stay prepared with ZipZap, Paycorp’s mobile point-of-sale that lets you transact anywhere and anytime.

All you need to use ZipZap for your business’ transactions is a mobile phone and a 3G connection. The device accepts credit and debit cards from all banks, is wireless and paperless and has a detailed transaction history that you access at any time online.


An overwhelming majority of South Africans still prefer good old-fashioned ATMs

A survey run by Finmark last year found that 88% of South African adults still use ATMs to withdraw money once a month, despite the myriad other ways that are available for transacting. This shows that cash is far from being unseated as the primary form of paying for goods and services.

With PayCorp’s ATM Solutions, you can draw more customers to business and keep the ones you have already have. Our ATMs come in a range of machines that are designed to meet any business’ specific needs. Your customers can purchase electricity and airtime in addition to being able to withdraw money within your store – and you get to earn a prearranged amount for each transaction.

PayCorp  is a PCI DSS-compliant company that is an affordable, one-stop solution to all your growing business’ payment needs. We have over fifteen years of collaborating with only the best and most trusted service providers in order to achieve our goal of financial inclusivity, connecting people with their money and connecting businesses with their customers.


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