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Running a successful mobile business during the Easter and school holidays

Mobile businessThe first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holidays might not be starting a seasonal business. But the slow down for some means business opportunities for others — like small businesses catering to those on their autumn holidays. Setting up a business doesn’t have to involve hiring a workforce, renting premises and raising huge amounts of capital. Thanks to smartphone technology, it’s now easier than ever to start a mobile business that you can run alone. Read on to find out how to run a seasonal mobile business using nothing more than your smartphone and a mobile payments app.


Mobile apps are making it easier and more efficient to run businesses

Mobile apps are changing how businesses are run, and also the types of businesses that can be set up. As we mentioned in our previous blog, many executives in the USA are already using their smartphones to carry out many of their business activities. And there are plenty of mobile apps in South Africa available that make growing a mobile business simpler than ever.


There’s no limit to the types of businesses that can be started to cater to those on holiday

There are plenty of mobile businesses that can be set up and run during the coming holidays. You could open a pop-up cafe or restaurant to cater to the many holiday makers that’ll be hitting the roads over this time. If you’re a trained masseuse or beauty therapist, setting up a salon in your home could be a great way to make some extra income — who doesn’t want a massage while on holiday? Other services that might be required during the holidays are taxi services, baby sitters, house sitters and even pet sitters.


Mobile apps are making it easier for both customers to pay and businesses to transact

To make a success of your mobile business you need a way of transacting that’s also convenient for your customers. This is where mobile payments apps come in. Mobile payments apps effectively turn your smartphone into a point-of-sale device. All you need is a card reader that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The 3G internet connection from your smartphone facilitates the payment processing. For your customers it’s just as easy as paying with a credit card in a store, and you get paid instantly rather than waiting for EFTs to clear. What’s more, your customers can still pay even if they don’t have enough cash on them.


Mobile technology helps you become more innovative

Using a mobile payments app makes it easier to monitor transactions and manage your mobile business’ finances. Being able to transact on the go, anytime and anywhere also opens up the possibilities of how you can do business, giving your mobile business the opportunity to be more innovative.


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