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Preparing your small business for the March holidays with Kazang

Small businesses with KazangWith about two weeks to go until the school holidays start on 18th March, the last of the summer holiday rush will soon descend upon South Africa’s roads, holiday resorts and stores. The height of the season might be well underway, but store owners who don’t stay fully prepared for those extra feet risk enduring a chaotic public holiday weekend, — and might miss out on fantastic sales opportunities. Let’s talk about how you can get your small business ready to deal with the holiday surge using prepaid vending machines.


As well as buying prepaid airtime and electricity, customers can pay bills and top up their mobile money accounts with prepaid vending machines. They’re also more secure for store owners.

Prepaid vending machines, like Paycorp’s Kazang, enable small business owners to sell prepaid airtime and electricity. They can also be used to pay DSTV bills and top up mobile money wallets like M-Pesa and Hollywood Bets. Being able to sell prepaid airtime and electricity without the need for prepaid vouchers is a huge advantage for store owners. Keeping an inventory of prepaid vouchers is risky – both in terms of security (they can be stolen) and from a financial stand point. What happens if you, the small business owner, buys a supply of vouchers and they don’t sell? You’ve spent cash on vouchers that could have been spent invested elsewhere in the business.


There’s no limit to how much airtime and electricity you can sell using prepaid vending machines

So why is having Kazang in your store such an advantage, especially over the busy periods? With Kazang you can sell as much airtime and electricity as your customers need — with vouchers you risk running out. And if your store is located anywhere on route to Moria, Limpopo (where the ZCC congregation takes place on 27th March), your store could see a huge rise in customers who’ll need airtime to keep in touch with friends and family. Even if you aren’t situated on the road to Limpopo, the increased amount of traffic on the roads are sure to result in more customers visiting your store.


Increased brand loyalty, improved customer service, and you get to earn commission on every Kazang transaction

Being able to offer customers the option to pay DSTV bills and buy Lotto tickets improves customer service, which will help your small business build its brand image and customer loyalty. Installing Kazang in your store also affords your business financial benefits, as you receive a small rebate on every transaction. As well as being able to use the physical vending machine to sell airtime and electricity, you can use the online portal or Kazang app (which is available on the Google Play store) to do so. On-going sales support is also available, should you need it.


If you want to prepare yourself and your business for the rush of the public holiday weekend, and enjoy the long term benefits of selling airtime and electricity using a prepaid vending machine, download the Kazang brochure.