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Getting that balance right when it comes to creating the ideal work environment is tricky. On the one hand, you want to create a relaxed and pleasant space where employees feel happy and look forward to coming to each day. On the other, you want to instill a sense of professionalism, and ensure the highest productivity levels. There might be endless articles available online about creating a great environment, but every workplace is different and needs its own unique combination of factors to get it right. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how payment solutions can come to the rescue when figuring out how to hit that sweet spot between happy and productive in the workplace.


The more advanced the technology, the more productive your staff will be – this is where point-of-sale devices and mobile apps can help

We live in the age of gadgets – the latest technology is something most of us not only want, but expect. The same goes for your employees. If they’re expected to do their jobs with the most basic technology at their disposal, they’re not going to enjoy their work or be as productive as if they’re working with cutting edge technology. You might not be able to afford the kind of hardware that adorns tech giants like Google or Facebook, but investing in decent point-of-sale devices for your business is a vital step in creating that ideal work environment. The right payment solutions – traditional and portable credit card machines – not only make it easier for you to transact, it helps you deliver better customer service too. One level up from traditional point-of-sale (POS) devices is a mobile app, like ZipZap, that turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile POS. The technology you choose to transact with will depend on the nature of how and where you do business, and how many staff you employ.


Disorganised budgets and admin causes stress, which you can avoid with prepaid cards

Another factor in creating a smooth running work environment is managing your budgets. A business that isn’t on top of its finances and admin will fall into disarray, and create a stressful environment for its staff. An effective way to manage an office budget is with reloadable cards. Instead of keeping petty cash – or relying on staff to cover the cost of office supplies in the short term – funds can be loaded onto a prepaid Visa card.


Incentive schemes and bonuses can also be paid out using prepaid cards

Payment solutions can also be used as a way to incentivise staff. You can design a bonus scheme to motivate your employees, with the payout – on a prepaid card – directly linked to performance. Not only does this make the giving of the bonus more of an occasion, your staff will enjoy the full benefits of owning a reloadable card which can assist them in their personal budgeting. Other incentives like an employee of the month award can be presented with prepaid cards too.


An ATM on your premises can be the difference between an unproductive day and a productive one

Depending on where your business is based, you might consider installing an ATM machine on your premises. If you’re located more than 10km from the nearest ATM machine, an on-site ATM is a huge convenience for both you and your staff. It will preclude the need to make time-wasting trips to the nearest cash machine in times of need, and if you have vending machines or a café in your building, the cash withdrawn at the ATM can be spent there. Being able to access cash and food easily is a major boost for staff morale, ensuring their productivity levels are kept topped up during the work day.


For the best results, partner with a payment solutions supplier with a long-standing record

Whichever payment solutions you choose to ensure a happy and productive workplace, partnering with the right suppliers is another important piece of the puzzle. Your payment solutions partner should have a proven track record, an international footprint and satisfy the most stringent data security criteria. If you’d like to learn more about white label solutions and how Paycorp can help you create the ideal work environment, download the Paycorp brochure.

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