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Valentine’s Day on a budget and how reloadable cards can help

Reloadable cardsLoved by some, hated by others, Valentine’s Day means better business for florists, sweet and, card shops and restaurants. Despite its commercial connotation, millions of South Africans still use February 14th as a chance to celebrate and splash out with someone special. Celebration needn’t require you to take out a short term loan or eat into next month’s pay cheque, though. There are plenty of special things you can do to woo your other half without falling into the red. Here are our selection of things to do on the cheap, and how reloadable cards can help make 2016’s Valentine’s Day your best one yet.

Find a deal on Groupon

Groupon is home to thousands of deals for restaurants, breaks away, activities, spa days and more. You can even get a voucher for tattoos (an original Valentine’s gift, if you’re into that). You can search within your area and get up to 70% off the original price of the activity. Just make sure you book in advance to get the best deals.

Eat in instead of going out

A candlelit dinner out might be the quintessential Valentine’s date, but if you’d rather spend quality time with your man or lady then perhaps a meal at home is the more special option – not to mention the cheaper option too. Woolworth’s have an offer where you can eat in for R150. This will get you a bottle of wine or soft drink, meat, side dishes and dessert.

Get active – for free

Our country is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Why not get out and enjoy the scenery with a hike or walk. Not only is hiking free, the exercise and fresh air are sure to leave you feeling good and in the Valentine’s spirit. And if you prefer your activities to be a little less strenuous, look for free events happening in your area – a free exhibition or a gentle walk in a local park.

Pack a picnic

If you want the best of eating in and going out, why not go for a picnic in a park or on the beach (depending on where in South Africa you’ll be spending V-Day)? Even a few snacks, a bottle of something and a blanket – if you don’t want to bring a whole meal – is enough to set the mood. After all, they say that food tastes better outdoors.

Get creative and make a gift

If your special someone doesn’t go for the clichéd gifts of flowers, chocolates and cuddly toys, then make them a gift. Not only is it more original, but they’ll appreciate the effort that’s been put into it. You could make them a card with a thoughtful message inside, bake them cake or cookies, or create a playlist to put on their iPod. If you doubt your creative skills, then you could try customising pre-bought gifts like a notebook or picture frame.

Reloadable cards can help you budget more effectively for Valentine’s Day and beyond

While you probably won’t want to actually give your loved one a reloadable card for Valentine’s Day, prepaid cards are a clever way to make sure that you’ve budgeted properly for February 14th. The days of the man always picking up the cheque are fading – couples are now more likely to go halves on paying for dinner. Reloadable cards let you pool resources into a shared mobile money account, which you can use when going out. Your mobile money account is linked to both a prepaid Visa card and a mobile phone number. Anyone can simply transfer funds into the card account by EFT, or using their mobile phone if they also have a separate mobile money account, meaning that pulling out two separate cards to pay for dinner is a thing of the past.

If you’d like to know more about a quick and handy way to create a joint saving or spending account, download the Reload brochure for more information on reloadable cards.