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Spring clean your business with the help of these mobile apps

a-lady-using-mobile-appsWe might already be a month into 2016, but it still feels like the year has barely begun. If January is the month of getting back into the rhythm of work, February is the month to put all those good intentions into practise. Knowing what to focus on out of a laundry list of goals is tough. Spring cleaning your business is a brilliant start to laying the foundation upon which to achieve all your other objectives. Let’s take a look at how you can do this and the types of mobile apps that’ll make the path easier.

Invest resources and time into the products that generate the most revenue

First, take a look at all your products and services to determine which are bringing in the most revenue. These products are where you need to invest the most time, energy and money. Consider discontinuing any products that don’t sell well. You’ll have more time, less admin and lower inventory carrying costs. While you’re doing this, you can also review pricing and budgets for the rest of the year.

Fewer suppliers means time and money saved

The fewer suppliers you have, the better it is for business. Maintaining relationships with multiple suppliers is time and energy consuming. If you can streamline your suppliers, you’ll incur less admin, you’ll strengthen your relationships with them, and may even enjoy some special offers and discounts from ordering more products from one supplier.

A clean office and early mornings go a long way to improving productivity

As well as spring cleaning your business processes, have your actual office or shop deep cleaned too. It’s amazing how a clean environment positively affects your state of mind, and therefore your inclination to keep your business organised. Small habits like coming into the office half an hour early to catch up with emails or admin can have a huge impact on your stress levels and productivity.

Make sure you get paid, and on time

As hard as it might be to clamp down on suppliers or customers who owe you inventory or money, you must be firm. Not getting paid or not having stock delivered when you need it will have major long term effects on your ability to do business and on your balance sheet. One strategy for overcoming late payments from customers is to invest in smartphone technology that lets you receive payments as soon as a sale is made – as opposed to waiting for promised EFTs to clear. We’re talking about a mobile point-of-sale device made up of your smartphone or tablet, a mobile app and a card reader.

Five mobile apps to help you stay organised

This isn’t the first blog in which we’ve sung the praises of amazing technologies that make the difference between a business that swims and one that sinks. Here are a few mobile apps that can help reorganise and refresh your business this year:

Cold Turkey – Trying to complete less exciting, but essential nonetheless, tasks when there’s an internet only a click away that’s full of news sites, online stores and social media sites can be challenging. Cold Turkey lets you block an unlimited number of websites during certain times of the day (which you have control over), so you can get on with growing your business.

Billguard – Not only does Billguard keep track of your expenses across all your bank accounts and credit cards, it analyses your spending over time. You can compare spending and income between months and notice any patterns, helping you budget better. It also keeps track of your credit score and alerts you if your card is used fraudulently.

Coach.me – Imagine if you had a coach on your smartphone? Well, with Coach.me you don’t have to imagine it. The apps puts you in touch with a huge range of coaches ready to assist you with anything from improving relationships and losing weight to becoming a better leader and growing your business. It’s not cheap, but what price can you put on achieving your most wished for goals?

1Password – Almost every website you log on to nowadays requires a sign-in and password. Creating a secure and unique password for each one is essential, especially for business accounts. Trying to remember them all is yet another challenge that a mobile app has found a solution to. 1Password stores all your log-in details for all your accounts in one place, and lets you access them using your secure 1Password password.

ZipZap – this mobile app allows you to transact using nothing more than your smartphone, a 3G internet connection and a card reader connected to your device by Bluetooth. As long as your device is charged and you’ve got signal, you can receive card payments anytime and anywhere.

If you’d like to find out how ZipZap can help spring clean and streamline your business, download the ZipZap brochure.