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Eight things you never thought ZipZap could do (Demo)


Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices have revolutionsied how and where businesses and entrepreneurs can operate, as we discussed in our previous blog. Not only that, they’ve allowed business to improve their customer service – making those lengthy missions to find the nearest ATM a thing of the past. ZipZap is Paycorp’s mPOS solution that only requires a smartphone, card reader and internet connection to facilitate card processing. Let’s take a look at eight great things you never thought ZipZap could do.

  • ZipZap works through your smartphone or tablet

Setting up ZipZap is easy – all you need is the free ZipZap app, a smartphone and the card reader to get started. Not only can you use your smartphone to receive payments, you can install the app on any tablet too. Just make sure you have a 3G connection on any device you choose to instal the ZipZap app on.

  • It lets you continue trading during load shedding

Because you’ll be using your mobile device, a battery-powered card reader and a 3G connection, you’ll be operating separately from the main power supply. Just remember to keep your ZipZap card reader and smartphone or tablet fully charged.

  • The app is free and the card reader is affordable

Downloading the ZipZap app is completely free – the only setup costs are for the card reader, which is itself extremely affordable.

  • It only takes a few days to get up and running

After you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, applied and paid for a card reader via the website, you’ll be able to start transacting once the card reader has been delivered to you by courier. This usually takes a couple of days, depending on whether you have all the required documentation when applying.

  • ZipZap sends receipts via email or SMS

You use the ZipZap app to input the amount chargeable, and insert your customer’s card into the card reader (which connects to the app via Bluetooth). Once the payment has been processed, the app will give you the option to send your customer their receipt by email or SMS. No more pesky paper slips.

  • You can view your entire transaction history online

One thing ZipZap lets you do, that’s not always possible with traditional card machines, is view your transaction history online. It makes keeping track of your accounts easier and it’s also free.

  • ZipZap is bank agnostic

ZipZap accepts credit or debit cards from all banks, so you can accept payment from all your customers without the risk of their bank not being supported. Your business bank account can be with any bank too.

  • You can connect ZipZap on your phone to your PC via USB connection

If you’d prefer to view your transaction history on your Windows PC, you can connect your Windows smartphone to your PC via USB to transact using ZipZap and access data on the app.

Download the ZipZap brochure or log onto the website for a detailed breakdown of ZipZap’s offering. All new applicants will enjoy a reduced card processing rate of 2.75% if they sign up between now and January 31st 2016.

Download our ZipZap brochure