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How to up the ante of your in-store ATM security this festive season (Demo)

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The festive season should be a time of goodwill and cheer, right? Sadly, in South Africa, it’s not only good Christmas spirits that come out to play during December. Crime spikes by as much as 50% during this time, according to an analysis of crime data by Africa Check. Stores are particularly at risk from petty criminals, which means that store owners need to up their game when it comes to their customers and in-store ATM security. Here’s our guide on how to keep calm and be secure this year.

Card skimming and theft are risks that in-store ATMs attract

During the run up to Christmas, a store is a tempting target for petty thieves – especially if there’s an in-store ATM located on the premises. Stores like these could be at risk from credit card skimming devices attached to the machines, and customers using the ATMs might fall victim to theft after withdrawing cash. As dire as these situations sound, the best cure is prevention when it comes to ATM security. With vigilance, education and security measures in place, you can guarantee both you and your customers peace of mind during the busiest time of the year.

ATM monitoring by your provider and CCTV will ensure a rapid response time in case of an emergency

Thanks to technology, the risk of crime around in-store ATMs has been significantly reduced. ATM providers are now able to monitor each ATM 24 hours a day, so that if anything did happen to the ATM, they’d be able to alert the police immediately. ATM cameras, or CCTV – installed by the merchant – positioned around the store and pointing at the ATM add another layer of round the clock monitoring, as well as acting as a deterrent to opportunistic criminals.

Regular checks and keeping your ATM well-lit and tidy will keep the area secure

In addition to investing in ATM cameras and keeping them fully operational, crime can be kept at bay by ensuring the area around the ATM is well-lit, easily accessible and tidy – a poorly lit, obscured in-store ATM is a higher risk. Conduct regular checks of the in-store ATM: check for marks that might indicate an attempted break-in, and check for devices attached to the reader and throat of the ATM.

Make sure the ATM lock is secure and that self-cashed ATMs are emptied every night

The lock of the machine should be secure at all times too. If operating a self-cashed ATM, make sure the machine is emptied every night and that the door is left open. Should your store suffer a break-in, the thieves will be able to see that there is no money in the ATM. Lastly, look out for any suspicious behaviour around the ATM, as well as people asking questions about cash up times and how much money is in the machine.

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