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Payment solutions to save your customers’ holiday cash (Demo)

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December is finally here, the summer is in full swing and the end of another year is upon us again. The lucky ones among us will have planned, or are planning, holidays away – whether that’s to family or friends inland, or to a cottage by the coast. One of the last things holidaymakers want to fret about during the festive season is the small stuff like running out of airtime or whether they’ll have enough electricity to make coffee in the morning. Luckily, store owners have the power to keep the Christmas lights burning for all their customers by offering them payment solutions, like Kazang, through which they can buy all the data or prepaid electricity they’ll need during their summer holiday.

Domestic travel in South Africa is growing every year, which means store owners in popular destinations need to prepare for the seasonal rush

The size of the domestic travel market in South Africa is growing. Not only is South Africa becoming increasingly recognised as an international tourist destination, but the Department of Tourism has invested large amounts of money to encourage locals to travel more within the country, according to the report Tourism Flows Domestic in South Africa. The growing middle class is another reason why tourism at home is getting a boost, and as we all know, summer is when local tourism really surges. Seaside towns – all but deserted during winter – teem with life, creating a rush of traffic in local stores. It’s brilliant for business, but if store owners aren’t prepared, they risk not capitalising fully on the opportunities that more feet bring.

Local stores are the lifeline for travellers staying in rural, self-catered accommodation

Unlike their European counterparts who can more often afford luxury, all-inclusive accommodation, many South Africans travelling domestically choose to opt for self-catered accommodation, where they are responsible for providing their own food, drink and housekeeping. Not only that, they may also be responsible for making sure the electricity meter is kept topped up. Many of the self-catered cottages won’t have a landline or internet connection, which means having a cell phone with plenty of airtime and data is essential. During this time, these holidaymakers rely heavily on local stores for the majority of their needs – especially if they’re staying in a rural area.

Payment solutions like Kazang make any store a one-stop shop

Payment solutions that sell prepaid services like airtime, data and electricity are a big drawcard for customers looking for a one-stop shop for everything on their shopping list. A customer who comes into your store to buy airtime will very likely buy other goods too, which means more revenue for your store. As well as giving better customer service by investing in payment solutions like Kazang, you’ll earn a small commission on every transaction you make. With payment solutions like these, customers can also buy ringtones, top up selected mobile wallets and even pay for bus and taxi tickets.

A holiday can be ruined if the power goes out – make sure you’re prepared to save the day for your seasonal customers by providing payment solutions that cater to their most pressing needs. For more information about how our payment solutions can help your business be more profitable and attract more customers, download the Kazang brochure.

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