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Card machines: Choosing the right one for your guesthouse (Demo)

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So you’ve got your guesthouse prepped for the season – the rooms have enough towels and linen, the minibars are stocked and your staff are ready to cater for the couples, families and foreign tourists that’ll be coming through your doors for the next three months. The only thing you’re still struggling with is how to manage the payments that’ll be streaming in each morning at checkout and breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner. In this blog we’ll outline how to choose card machines for your guesthouse, because, well, you need one, and they’re not nearly as pricey as you think they are.

mPos devices are an affordable form of credit card machine

Last summer you only accepted cheque, cash and EFT payments, but that only created more work in trips to the bank, admin and chasing up late payments. This year you’re considering card machines, but are worried about the cost involved in getting one set up in time for the busiest time of the year. True, traditional credit card machines take longer to install and are the more expensive option, but mobile point-of-sale (mPos) devices, like ZipZap, are a fantastic option if you need a payment solution installed quickly and affordably.

Choosing the right credit card machine provider will ensure you’ll get the right machine for your business.

The trick is to select the right mPos provider, who not only has significant experience in providing payment solutions, but is also certified to the highest level of data security standard – so that both you and your guests have the assurance that sensitive payment data is protected.  Your provider should also offer a variety of card machines, so you’re guaranteed the most suitable machine for your business. For example, if you’re located in an area where GSM signal is patchy, a dual SIM machine would be ideal. If your guesthouse needs to take payment at multiple locations, then a mobile card machine might be more suitable.

A mobile card machine is beneficial to both you and your guests

Having a mobile card machine allows your guests to choose how they want to pay. A local guest might prefer to use their credit card, but a visitor from Europe might prefer cash to avoid using their European bank card. Having both payment options available allows you to give better service to your valued guests, and helps bolster your brand image too. Not only that, if you advertise on your website that you accept card payments, you’ll draw more customers to your establishment. What’s more, the setup costs of ZipZap are lower than traditional credit card machines, and you could have your mPos device up and running within a couple of days of applying for it. You’ll also be able to view all your transactions for free online.

All you need is a smartphone or computer, airtime and the ZipZap reader and app

An mPos device lets you take payments anywhere – be that in the garden, in a guest’s room, at reception, or in your restaurant or bar. All you need to transact is the ZipZap card reader, a smartphone, tablet or computer. The card reader connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB to Windows Desktop, The ZipZap card reader looks just like a normal card reader, so your guests won’t have any trouble using it.

Download the ZipZap brochure for more information on how an mPos device can help you through the busiest months of the year.

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