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Q&A: How in-store ATMs have boosted business for Engen (Demo)


Not having an in-store ATM just isn’t an option anymore – especially for gas stations. People don’t just stop off at their local Engen or Sasol to fill up their cars, they stop to fill up their wallets too. A gas station that doesn’t have an in-store ATM is sure to lose customers to one a few kilometres down the road. Bennie Richardson owns and runs Engen Norken and Engen Foundersview in Gauteng, and talks to us about how beneficial installing an in-store ATM in each of his stores has been for business.

What made you consider installing an in-store ATM?

Engen is one of the continent’s leading fuel brands and customers expect a consistent level of service from each location they visit. One of the things they expect from us is cash withdrawing facilities – not surprising seeing as most small purchases made in our stores are paid for in cash. We decided to install ATMs in the Norkem and Foundersview Engens to maintain the brand’s consistent service offering, as well as to attract more customers to the store. Not only can customers draw cash throught our in-store ATMs, they can buy airtime and electricity as well.

How has it affected your business?

We’ve seen a rise in the number of customers visiting the store, as well as increased sales. We think that’s because customers spend a large chunk of the cash they’ve withdrawn at our in-store ATM in the store. In addition to that, we earn a rebate on every cash withdrawal. There’s also been a definite increase in customer satisfaction, as the ATM up-time rarely falls below 95%. The fact that our in-store ATM has a dip card reader gives our customers peace of mind because there’s no chance of their card being swallowed.

How do you advertise the fact you have an in-store ATM?

Luckily for us our ATM provider does all the branding and marketing for us – they even advised us on the best place to position the in-store ATM to ensure it was both adequately visible and secure. They came to our site and conducted a thorough audit of the local customer demographic and determined what other banks were in the area before deciding which bank branding our ATMs should have. It’s great that I can call my customer relationship executive anytime I need help promoting my in-store ATM.

How did you choose your provider?

I wanted to find an independent ATM provider with years of experience and a proven track record. At Engen – as in any business – we understand the importance of secure payment processing, for our customers’ peace of mind as well as for our own. Our current ATM machine provider ticked all these boxes and more! The fact that they’ve installed over 5,000 ATMs across Africa and are one of the top 20 ATM companies in the world speaks for itself.

Are you happy with your current provider?

Yes, absolutely. As I mentioned before, they conducted a thorough audit of the area surrounding the two Engen stores to ensure that we received the best type of ATM and that it was branded with the bank that would attract the most visitors. Not only that, but the installation was free, as was all the signage and the wireless connection that the ATM machines connect to the bank through. What’s more, we get free ongoing technical support and spare parts, and their team is always available to help when we need it. Our provider also monitors out ATM seven days a week – it’s great knowing we’re in safe hands.

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