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How Kazang changed the way I do business (Demo)


It’s not just the large retail chains that need to be constantly innovating how they do business and thinking of creative new ways to market themselves. Small shop owners also need to consider how they can better serve their customers and boost sales. Investing in advertising campaigns – either online or offline – or buying more stock might help, but there is a simpler way. Kazang is a mobile vending device that sells prepaid airtime and electricity, in addition to offering a range of other services. We chat to Azmal, manager of Stardom Supermarket in Sunnyside, Pretoria to find out what Kazang has done for his business.

When did you first get Kazang and how did you hear about it?

I first got Kazang in about July 2014, after a cousin of mine (who also owns a shop), recommended I get it. He runs a similar type of store in Durban, and he found that since he got Kazang, his business has grown significantly. Earlier this month I ordered a second machine due to customer demand – before we had a small machine, and now we’ve upgraded to a larger one.

How many customers do you get a week?

I’m not sure on the exact number of customers, but I can tell you that our daily sales before we installed Kazang were about R3-5,000. Since we first installed Kazang, they’ve grown to R10-12,000 per day. We’re quite quiet during the day, but the evenings are when we get busy. Since receiving the large Kazang device, I expect to take in about R130,000 a month in prepaid sales. We now do 100% of our airtime sales through it too.

How long did it take you to get Kazang installed?

It was so easy. My cousin put me in contact with the sales rep who helped him install Kazang in his store. A few days after speaking to him, the rep visited the store. All I had to do was fill out some paperwork to register, and 20 minutes later we were ready to trade.

What can Kazang do besides sell prepaid airtime and electricity?

My customers can pay their DSTV bills with Kazang – which saves them doing EFTs. This is especially helpful for some of my customers who don’t have bank accounts. They can stock up on bread while they’re at it! If they have M-Pesa accounts with Vodacom they can also top up their mobile wallets. The same goes if they have a Hollywood Bets wallet. I can also sell things like bus, train and taxi tickets and even ringtones.

What are the benefits, besides increased traffic to your store and more sales?

First of all, I no longer have to stock prepaid airtime vouchers. Before, I would have to estimate how many vouchers I would sell in a week and just hope they all sold. In the weeks the vouchers didn’t sell, my cash flow suffered. I also feel more secure knowing I don’t have any of these vouchers on site – it was such a temptation for thieves previously. The Kazang machine operates over GSM and uses a battery, so I can sell airtime even when there’s load shedding. The best part is I earn a small rebate on every transaction I make.

As discussed in our previous blog, the market for prepaid airtime and electricity in South Africa is huge. If you’d like to find out how to give your customers the retail experience they want, download the Kazang brochure.

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