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How EFTPOS can help you prepare for the festive season rush (Demo)


It’s that time of year again – seasonal merchandise has been sitting in shops since mid-October and people are starting to make their Christmas shopping lists. The holiday season might be one that many look forward to, but no one can deny that it also brings with it an element of stress, as shoppers fight their way through malls and stores to shop for their loved ones. As a store owner, you have the power to alleviate the stress of festive shopping by preparing for the pre-Christmas rush with the help of EFTPOS. Let’s take a look at some festive retail trends for 2015 and how EFTPOS can help you make your customer’s Christmas shopping a joy.

South African consumers prioritise essentials over luxury when it comes to Christmas shopping

Market research firm Acentric’s Christmas Shopping Intentions Survey from last year – cited on Fin24 – found that the average South African consumer is a price-sensitive one, who prioritises essentials over luxuries. That said, 72% of those surveyed said they would spend more or the same as the previous year, with food, toys, clothing and alcohol high up on their Christmas wish-lists. Another survey, carried out by Deloitte in the same year, also found that South Africans are becoming increasingly pragmatic about how they spend their money. Given the toughening economy, it’s likely that 2015 will also be a year where consumers want to get more for their money.

Store owners can harness the power of mobile to make shopping easier for their customers

Store owners need to keep abreast of this year’s retail trends if they’re to run businesses that are profitable and keep their customers happy. The mobile phone and smartphone boom is showing no signs of abating, and has created a fantastic way for retailers to transact more efficiently. EFTPOS’ mobile payment solution ZipZap allows you to turn your smartphone, tablet or laptop into a portable card machine. The reader connects to your device over Bluetooth, and all you need is an internet connection for the payment to be processed. Want to slice queue times in half? Give your staff EFTPOS’ ZipZap card reader so that they can receive customer payments on the shop floor rather than having them  queue up at tills. Customers spend more during the festive season, so make sure you’re ready by investing in the right payment solutions.

Having an online store expands your customer base and potential for revenue

The other hot trend of 2015 – a trend that’s only going to get bigger – isn’t just online shopping, but the online shopping experience. Having an online store is no longer enough – you’ve got to make sure that your ecommerce store offers visitors a unique and enjoyable experience. EFTPOS realises the importance of this, and that’s why their ecommerce offering ensures that visitors to your site are able to buy and pay easily and quickly. An online store will mean your customers don’t need to come into your bricks and mortar store to make their holiday purchases.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail when it comes to receiving payments

Thanks to the wealth of online resources, consumers are able to start planning their festive shopping earlier. It’s essential that your store is prepared for the pre-Christmas boom in business. How can you do this? Customers want speed and convenience: make sure you offer them a range of payment options. If they can’t pay by card – either through a mobile point-of-sale, a portable card machine or desktop card machine – in your store, they’ll simply go elsewhere. Offering them a variety of ways to pay will also give them a better customer experience, which will boost your brand image.

EFTPOS can help you prepare for the festive season by finding the right payment solutions for your store’s needs. For more information on our product offering, download the EFTPOS brochure.


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