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How Paycorp makes becoming a mobile merchant easy

mobile merchantCreativity, innovation and passion are key ingredients for starting a small business, but the ability to transact is what transforms great ideas into profitable businesses. Finding the best way to transact reliably, securely and efficiently is not always an easy undertaking. Partnering with a payment solutions provider that understands your needs and has a proven track record for delivering a broad range of merchant services will ensure the smooth running of your business. In this blog we’ll discuss how Paycorp can help you become a mobile merchant.

ZipZap allows you to transact anywhere that there’s an internet connection

A successful business needs to offer their customers a variety of ways to pay, as each customer will have their own preferences for transacting. Becoming a mobile merchant is one way to do this. ZipZap lets you turn your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device. This allows you to transact anywhere you have an internet connection. The only other things you need are a ZipZap card reader and the free ZipZap app that connects to the card reader via Bluetooth. Transaction rates are competitive, payment processing is secure and all transaction history can be viewed online. As a mobile merchant you’ll be able to get even more innovative with how you bring your products to your customers. If you operate out of premises, EFTPOS can also offer you a range of desktop and portable card machines.

Kazang is a one-stop shop for a range of prepaid services

Another way to diversify your payment offerings as a mobile merchant is to sell prepaid services using Kazang. Kazang – discussed in detail in our previous blog –  is quick, reliable and mobile, so you can offer customers with limited access to amenities the option to buy prepaid electricity and airtime. Not only that, customers can pay DSTV bills and top up their M-Pesa and Hollywood Bets mobile wallets. You’ll earn commission on every bill payment and prepaid transaction and also enjoy the increased revenue from more customers visiting your store. Kazang is available as a physical vending machine or as an online app.

In-store ATM machines offer both you and your customers convenience

Credit and debit card use may be growing, but cash transactions are still heavily relied upon by many, especially for smaller purchases. Having an in-store ATM machine is an ideal companion to any other POS devices your business uses. An in-store ATM machine will draw customers in who might have walked passed on their way to another ATM. It’ll encourage customers to spend more on your premises and sets your business apart from the competition. Not only that, you’ll save on credit card transactions fees. If you opt for a self-service ATM, you can cash the machine yourself, thereby saving on cash deposit fees at the bank.

Paycorp has been empowering businesses with merchant services for over fifteen years. To find out how your business can benefit from our services, download the Paycorp brochure.