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How selling Kazang prepaid electricity is a sure-fire way to grow your business

prepaid electricityThe modern world has changed what many people consider the essentials. Airtime, data and electricity are just as crucial for our daily existence today as bread and milk have always been. Offering these important items in your store is therefore a no-brainer. Without easy access to prepaid electricity and airtime, your customers will endure the inconvenience of travelling to a different store that does offer prepaid electricity and airtime. Kazang is the safe, fast and mobile prepaid vending solution that can help grow your business and offer better service to your customers.

There are more mobile phones in South Africa than people and the majority of the country uses prepaid electricity

The market for both airtime and prepaid electricity is huge in South Africa. There are over 70 million mobile phones in circulation – that’s a mobile phone penetration of 133% – according to research from mobile market research firm OnDevice. In addition, the General Household survey conducted by Stats SA found that three quarters of the population use prepaid electricity over post-paid electricity to power their homes. With such a huge demand for prepaid vending, it would be an oversight for store owners not to offer these services.

Prepaid vending helps increase footfall and revenue, and improves your customer service offering

Offering prepaid services to your customers benefits your business in several ways. There’s no question of potential customers choosing a store down the road when they can get everything on their shopping list from yours: you’ll also ensure that they become repeat customers. The improved customer service you’ll be offering will make life more convenient for your customers and also go a long way in strengthening your brand. More footfall means increased revenue for your business, in addition to the commission you’ll earn on each bill payment, prepaid airtime, data and electricity transaction made.

Kazang helps you manage inventory and control cash flow more effectively

Selling prepaid electricity with Kazang is safer than stocking prepaid vouchers. What’s more, it’ll help you manage cash flow as you won’t have to invest in airtime vouchers that might not sell. You’ll also be able to offer customers with M-Pesa or Hollywood Bets the option to top up their mobile wallets. It’s even possible for customers to pay their DSTV bills via Kazang.

You can sell prepaid electricity with a physical vending machine or via the Kazang app and enjoy after sales support

With Kazang, you have the option to use a physical vending device. This means you can print vouchers for your customers whereever your store is located – even if it’s in an area that has limited GPRS connectivity. It’s also possible to sell prepaid electricity and airtime through our online vending solution or via the Kazang App (available on the Google Play store). We also offer on-going after sales support. Using our “please call me” function, you can notify a member of the Kazang team who’ll get back to you within an hour, during office hours.

In the last eight years, Kazang has processed several billion Rands worth of transactions. It has an international reach across Africa and helps millions of people access vital prepaid services. For more information about our prepaid vending service, download the Kazang brochure. If you’re interested in becoming a Kazang vendor please apply by contacting one of our team, who will be in touch with you shortly.