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The rise of branchless banks and the need for public service ATM solutions

ATM CompanyConsumers – especially those who fall within a lower income bracket – still rely primarily on cash. Whilst the number of credit and debit cards is increasing, many stores in under-developed and rural areas don’t offer traditional point of sale (POS) payment options. This means that ATM solutions are a vital lifeline to millions of South Africans who may not be able to access a bank branch nearby.


South Africa’s banked population is growing – and so is the demand for ATMs


Between 2004 and 2014, South Africa’s banked population rose from 13 million to 27.4 million, according to FinMark’s FinScope South Africa 2014 survey – that means 75% of the population over the age of 16 now have a bank account. The growth has been spurred on by the introduction of the SASSA MasterCard which has created bank accounts for 28% of the banked population. The acceleration of financial inclusion in this country is credited with the rise in the demand for ATMs – especially in rural areas and public facilities like hospitals and transport hubs.


ATMs are offering more and more services, even in the most remote locations


ATM Solutions’ ATMs have become more than 24 hour-a-day cash dispensers. They now enable people to check bank balances as well as buy essentials such as prepaid electricity and airtime, saving many from making long and costly trips to shops in times of need. Our ATM technology has also evolved: machines now operate wirelessly and may be solar powered, meaning connection times are faster and machines can be installed thousands of miles from the closest town or telephone line. People who never had access to banking services, let alone modes of communication, now do – thanks to our ATMs.


Providing ATM solutions is now also the duty of the public sector


Today, ATMs are no longer a luxury – they support and improve quality of life for those with limited access to ammenities. Providing ATMs is an integral part of the public services provided to citizens across all districts and provinces. Installing  ATM Solutions ATMs in buildings, train stations, taxi ranks or government buildings will not only ensure that you’ll be maximising their reach, but will improve the public’s perception of public services too. In addition, you’ll earn a rebate on your ATM transcations. Our ATMs are multilingual and accept all cards too, making them easy to use by all – regardless of culture or which institution they bank with.


Solar powered ATMs help society and the environment


In 2014, Paycorp’s ATM Solutions was the first provider of solar powered ATMs in South Africa, stationing a number of the ATMs throughout Mpumalanga – an achievement which was applauded by Parliament in February 2015. The solar powered cash machines were installed in response to power outages that lasted several days in the province. The solar panels can power the ATMs for up to seven days, reducing the load imposed on our already over-burdened power grid. ATMs like these are also pioneering the transition towards renewable energy.


The benefits of installing an ATM far outweigh any potential risk


While there may be concerns surrounding the security of ATMs, a lot of that risk can be avoided by being vigilant. Be aware of strangers trying to assist people using the ATMs and crowds in front of the ATM; notice if any other ATMs in the area are faulty – this can be a sign that they have been tampered with; have the ATM installed in a well-lit area; be knowledgeable and aware of card skimming techniques.


Before installing an ATM,  we’ll conduct a thorough risk assessment to determine the best place to position an ATM and the best type of ATM to instal given the area’s security needs. Once it’s installed, our real-time monitoring system tracks the ATM seven days a week and our ATM Solutions representatives are available whenever assistance is needed.


Choose an ATM service provider with experience and a proven track record


Your ATM provider should offer free on-going support as well as a free assessment prior to installation, free installation and provision of branding, spare parts and on going maintenance. ATM Solutions takes care of all this and will service the ATM with cash.


ATM Solutions has been providing a public service to thousands of South Africans who have previously been financially under-served. Download the ATM Solutions brochure for detailed information about our service offering, or contact one of our team who can assist you.