Why Smart POS will significantly contribute to business transformation

About five years ago, the business world excitedly anticipated the introduction of mobile point of sale (POS). In addition to traditional POS machines (till points, credit and debit card machines), businesses now had the option of using smartphones as POS devices. Many forecasted that these would supercede the need for traditional POS machines, especially since mobile POS was easier for smaller and on-the-move businesses, plus, they were also  cost-effective. But it didn’t stage a business coup. In fact, research as quoted in Small Biz Trends showed that “despite the undeniable popularity of smart devices among consumers”, merchants didn’t immediately jump on the band wagon and extend their POS platforms to mobile devices. It has in fact been slow in adoption. But, Smart POS is about to change the kind of payment options businesses can offer customers.


Smart POS integrates all point-of-sale services: a revolution in smart business technology


Instead of confining payments technology and smart business technology to only one POS platform, such as a till point, businesses are seeing the importance of payment integration. Welcome Smart POS… One of the trends Touch Dynamic identified was an increase in the integration of tablet POS with traditional card readers and till points. Small businesses affirmed the integration of tablet POS as a major driver of business.


Smart POS is easily adopted


There are numerous advantages to introducing Smart POS tools, such as tablets and mobile devices into a business’s payment options. ZipZap, for example, is one of the industry-leading Smart POS tools, offering small businesses rich functionality. ZipZap is the only Smart POS building-block to provide a card reader, usable across all current mobile operating systems (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Desktop). It’s also the only one offering a solution compatible with all the latest Windows devices. Merchants will be pleased to know that ZipZap is bank agnostic.


ZipZap mPOS, coupled with a Nokia Lumia smartphone, enables merchants to accept all card payments, issue e-receipts via SMS or email, and view a detailed transaction history via the free app or the online merchant portal. The combined package is a conduit for enhanced business insight and management through Lumia’s Microsoft Office suite.


But, it’s important that businesses ensure a consistent experience across POS platforms


Small Biz Trends further asserts that the “best strategy for small businesses is to ensure customers have positive and consistent experiences across each outlet.” ZipZap ensures this, as it can be integrated with a business’s existing software. The Smart POS tool is soon-to-be white labelled and is essential for small businesses to drive their success.